Ozzy outstrips Tony in fatherhood poll

More people see Ozzy Osbourne as their model dad than Tony Blair, according to a survey.

The fly-on-the-wall MTV star was selected by 9% of those interviewed for The Biography Channel, while just 6% chose the Prime Minister.

Top of the list with 37% of the votes was millionaire Sir Richard Branson.

Doting dad David Beckham landed second place with 14%.

Most popular mum was Dawn French, again on 37%, with almost three times as many votes as runners-up Madonna and Catherine Zeta Jones, both on 13%.

While the public may find celebrities fascinating, research by the channel shows that few would like to taste fame themselves.

A total of 83% of the 1,009 people who took part in the survey did not want to be famous.

The lack of privacy would be the worst aspect of fame, according to 42% of those polled.

A fifth thought that losing touch with friends would be the biggest downside to fame.

Psychologist Dr John Maltby of Leicester University said: "Clearly, most Britons understand that being a celebrity is not necessarily a positive experience. It often involves intrusions into private lives, numerous sacrifices and the possibility of public ridicule."