'The Osbournes' shoot reel-life fishing episode

The Orange County Register

A curious photo hangs in the galley of the New Del Mar.

In a shaky scrawl, the photo is signed "To the New Del Mar: You are the best. Much love, Ozzy Osbourne."

One might expect a fish photo on a sportfishing boat, but a shot of Ozzy Osbourne? No bleeping way.

What the heck is a photo of the foul-mouthed rock star - and MTV reality sitcom sensation - doing on a Marina del Rey Sportfishing boat?

Seems that Osbourne, son Jack and a brother-in-law chartered the boat recently to make an upcoming episode of "The Osbournes."

The Osbournes go fishing.

The crew hooked up sculpin and short halibut and handed off the rods to the "actors," with a camera crew capturing every moment.

At one point, the brother-in-law asked skipper Ricky Carbajal to do something funny.

So Carbajal tied together three empty soda cans, hooked them to a fishing line, filled them with water and lowered them into the sea.

It's an old trick. The filled cans pulled by the current act like a fighting fish. Carbajal handed the rod to Ozzy.

"He was saying it was (expletive) heavy and (expletive) fighting hard and everybody was cheering him," Carbajal said.

Then up came the cans.

"He grabbed a fillet knife and was saying, 'I'm going to kill you,' " Carbajal said.

Jack amused himself by lighting some sort of explosives off the stern, until Ozzy put a stop to it, saying something like, "What are you, with the Taliban or something?"

In a tamer moment, deckhand Matt Hough bit the head off a sardine. It was an inspiration to Ozzy, who bit the head off one, too.

"If the show isn't canceled, that'll be on the air," Hough said of the sardine scene.

And if it is canceled, perhaps the episode could be sold to ESPN Outdoors.