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Thread: Osbourne Receives Advice on Being Famous

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    Osbourne Receives Advice on Being Famous

    Osbourne Receives Advice on Being Famous

    2 hours, 35 minutes ago

    NEW YORK - For Kelly Osbourne, father really does know best especially when it comes to living in the spotlight.

    "He (said) the stage can be the loneliest place in the world," the daughter of heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne told AP Radio. She didn't elaborate on its meaning.

    The only thing more obscure than his words are the places where he offers such pearls of wisdom.

    "We have sit-down talks ... in the most random places. We went in the bathroom, and I sat on the floor for three hours while he was talking to me. By the end of it, I was falling asleep."

    Osbourne says her dad means well, but he need not worry. For her, "being famous ... is just a small part of my life."

    She says adjusting to fame is a weird experience. "To this day, I walk in restaurants and wonder why everyone is staring at me then I go 'Oh,'" she said. "It's weird, but I'm used to it."

    That's no surprise, with their hit MTV series "The Osbournes" turning the clan into household names. One benefit of such exposure has been the positive boost of her father's image.

    "My whole life, people have always said stuff like my Dad is this and that he's evil, satanic and bites the heads off animals," Osbourne said. "When people get to see that he's a kind, loving person who deserves everything he has and has worked (hard) his entire life, he gets the gratification he deserves."

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    Advice from Ozzy

    Very good advice. I don't think Kelly is at the point in her life where she will heed advice from anyone. Both children could learn a lot from their dad. I don't see that Jack has the same disposition as his sister though. He seems to be a very easy going, perceptive young man, much like his father, who is living in a powerful environment.

    Do you think that the Osbournes or any other celebrities ever acknowledge the forums? I would like to think that they are interested in their fans and care about what they think or are we just the huge paycheck.

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    Melinda seems like she would check the forums. What's a good nanny to do when the kids are in school?

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    Checking the Forums

    I don't think the children go to school and I also read that the home-schooling has stopped.

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