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Thread: The Osbournes "It's my birthday and I'll whine if I want to" Season2, Episode9 recap

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    I caught this episode, finally. I could barely stomach it. It just blows my mind the way these kids speak to their parents. "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" Yeah, we know, you scream it out every other sentence. I didn't realize that was a valid arguement for being a bitch to everyone & treating people like s**t stuck to your shoe. "I'M SPOILED BUT I'M NOT A BRAT!" As she's SCREAMING this at her mother. Hmmm. She's gotta be the most immature 18 year old I've ever seen. But Sharon & Ozzy gotta take part of the blame for it b/c they've allowed all this nonsense to go on.

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    I watched that episode and crinched throughout the show. As much as I love to watch crappy shows and laugh about how stupid the people in them are...this kind of went beyond just stupid. It was really stupid! I mean...I'm about Kelly and Jack Osborne's age...and I'd like to think I'm not completely retarded. They swear they ought to be treated like adults (drinking, partying, etc.) but then they throw hissy fits whenever they don't get what they want. I just read some article about how Kelly Osbourne is the new American Sweetheat. I was greatly disturbed. Yeah yeah I guess there are good points to any person. But damnit...she just sucks donkey balls. And here's why in my opinion.
    1. She's spoiled
    2. She doesn't appear to be greatful for anything she has
    3. She has a record deal....and has no talent
    4. She's so lame...I'm ranting about her
    So there ya go.

    By the way...I'm new here... :-)

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    They should class it up and have Aimee appear without the darn blurring. It would be nice to hear from someone who might not be so spoiled (I assume). It might also keep people interested.

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    If I were Aimee, I wouldn't want to be on this show, either.

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    Aimee is in Vegas with the family. She chooses to stay with the adults though. You can see her sitting in a white robe next to Sharon. They didn't need to blur her out like usual because Sharon, for the most part, is blocking her.
    I loved this show last season and would tape it - this one sucks.
    I can't stand how Kelly acts. She was cute last season and is now just a mega loud mouth SPOILED BRAT who needs a good smack into reality. Sharon putting up with that is nuts. I was embarrassed for Sharon and really felt bad. Her being nice enough (and Ozzy) to allow these kids to bring a bunch of friends and them getting that kind of treatment? Jack is a brat too - not as bad as Kelly.
    I'm an X fan of this show. It's just turned pathetic. And next week Ozzy is gonna get drunk. It's really just sad.
    They should have quit when they were on top.

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