Each week, our writers compile a list of their favorite moments of the week from the reality shows currently on the air.

These moments from The Osbournes made the Top 10 this week!

7. Déjà vu

Well, it sure looked like the Prince of Darkness was experiencing flash backs as he was attempting to feed the family bird. I thought the little fella was a goner when Ozzy took it from the safety of the cage and brought it up to his mouth. Oh no, think of the children! But luckily, it turned out to be one big joke. Oz was just playing the role of "Mama Bird" and was simply trying to feed it from his own mouth. So, no harm no foul. Tweety was spared (I think) this time.

2. Burnin’ Down the House

Sharon, wanting to do something special for her man, decided to light a fire to welcome Ozzy home during a short break in his tour. She did a really good job, a little too good as the fire burned higher that normal. Attempts to tame the fire with a broom had little effect, and smoke starts to pour out and fill the room. A call to the "fire brigade" was averted when Fire Marshal Oz handled the blaze with a few pots of water. A charred broom handle, a soot covered mantle, and a puddle in the firebox were the extent of the damage from this little incident. That’s not too bad... considering who we’re talking about.

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