From The Oregonian:

Leave it to Ozzy



The Osbournes are back for a second season, and at first glance everything in their Beverly Hills manse seems absolutely normal.

Which is to say, just a bit absurd.

Ozzy, the amiable, if spaced-out, rock-star patriarch, still shuffles around with that distant look in his eye. His wife, Sharon, still serves as resident CEO, mom and voice of reason. Teenagers Kelly and Jack are still bickering. The dogs still poop on the floor. And no matter who's talking, the bleeping bleeps fly thick and bleeping furious, as the MTV censor works overtime to provide a fig leaf for the profusion of expletives and obscenities.

Actually, things are better than normal. In scenes shot last spring, just weeks after their real-life family sitcom became a surprise smash on MTV, the Osbourne clan is positively ascendant. They're all famous now, deluged with offers, opportunities and so many fans that Jack has to rig the garden's sprinkler system to keep the curious ones at bay.

"Everything is really great for us," Sharon reflects to the camera. "But I'm always one of these people who think something's gonna happen. It can't be this good."

She was right, of course.
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