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Thread: Aimee Osbourne - "The Unseen Daughter"

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    I think that the ozbournes only get away with the stuff that they do because they are rich. If any poor white family acted the way that they do, everyone would call them white trash.

    thats all i have to say about it though

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    Aimee lived in the guesthouse for the first season of the TV show, I'm not sure where she is for the second season because the boy that the family took in lives in the guest house.

    She does actually appear occasionally in the show, but they block out her face.

    If you get the "officially osbournes" audfio book, aimee is the one reading it.

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    I'm Me
    I really think that the Osbourne's are probably some of the most real people. I mean, they just be the person that they are and don't think twice about it. Espically Kelly and Jack. Yes, some people think that the Osbourne's are just fake and spoiled, but really they are the people that some can't be. It's a reality show, and I don't think it could get any more real than that.

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