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Thread: Funniest moment?

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    Funniest moment?

    Whats your funiest moment from the osbournes so far???
    Mine was when Ozzy fell off his chair, laughed for hours! lol

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    Ozzy taking the gas at the dentists office and going ape sh** with the cup of water LOL so hilarious

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    Has to be when they got the new Furniture and Ozzy sat there Starring at the big hand with the SO2001 music playing.

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    Ozzy yelling at the ocean to "f*** off". "F***ing go to Alaska".
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    While Sharon is getting her make-up done, she talks about food with the stylist and Melinda. Melinda talks about how much she loves curry and has it about 15 times a week. Sharon responds with I cant have that, I need those f***ing turbans to wrap around my ass after I eat it.

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    I loved the time that Ozzy found out Kelly had her nose pierced, and began to warn her how it becomes so addicting, and he says, "Next you will want to get a tattoo" And Kelly reminds him, "I already have one dad!"

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    Mine was "Cut, and that's rap" at the end of the season three finally, as i said in the other thread, that was complete genius. Demented yes, but genius.

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    I love all of it, its all great. You can watch it over and over and keep laughing you ass off !!!

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    Kayla's input for funniest show

    You are so right!!! I have both of the DVDs and still find them very funny. It is an truly funny addiction. I am so glad that the series will be out within a couple of months.....

    I also enjoy Sharon's show...This lady and her family are not the airheads as portrayed on the series. Sharon shows just how real and truly empathic they are. They are independent and could care less about the insignificance of gossip. Other fortunate people could learn what is meant by true 'REALITY' .Kelly has carried herself well with reference to the horrible comments made about her. Remember up until they moved to CA, these kids lived their lives in a small community in England with little or no publicity. Kelly also said that she will be going back to England and making her home there. CA was overwhelming for them.

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