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Thread: The Osbournes "WTF?" episode 20 recap

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    The Osbournes "WTF?" episode 20 recap

    The Osbournes – Episode 20

    The season comes to an end in an odd, disturbing way. I’m not sure what to make of it, but I don’t like it. More on that later.

    We start off with Jack talking to Sharon about his sleep issues. Apparently he’s been sleepwalking, and had an incident where he fell asleep and his friends wrote on him with markers. They woke him up and he was really angry and violent, and left without apologizing.

    Kelly’s on the phone, in what looks to be a hotel room, complaining about her boyfriend Bert. He doesn’t call her, doesn’t know what she does, and offers to get her a job with him on tour. “I have a f***ing job”, she says, “if he f***ing called he’d know that”.

    Jack is in the kitchen and asks Ozzy if he’s ever become violent from sleepwalking. “No” Oz replies. He goes on to tell his dad about what happened to him the other night, but Oz doesn’t have any answers. He repeats his story to one of the personal trainers while on the treadmill, but again gets no answers.

    Jack shows up at the hotel where Kelly is staying, and they get into it again. She wants him to stop saying bad things about Bert, but he denies saying anything. Kel then says that he’d better get used to him since he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Jack takes that comment to mean they got engaged, but Kel quickly denies that. Jack cracks that Bert went to Kmart to get the ring, and Kelly gets pissed and calls him superficial. He seems to think that it’s a compliment, but adopted son Rob isn’t so sure.

    Sharon and Jack are riding in the back of a limo and Sharon is on the phone with Kelly. Kel breaks the news that Bert broke up with her, and Sharon tries to console her as it happens to be Valentine’s Day. When they get home, Sharon complains about Bert to everyone that will listen. Everyone hates Bert now.

    The night cam in Jack’s room shows him tossing and turning before getting up, stumbling around, and crashing down on the couch.

    Kelly’s getting her make-up done, and bitching about Bert. She says he has mental issues, and a serious LSD problem. She says that the reason he gave was disgusting, claiming that he said “I just want to rock”, and people don’t take him seriously because he dates her. Sharon does more complaining about Bert.

    Another night cam shot of Jack, this time he’s fighting with Lola. He pushes her off the bed, they are shown wrestling on the bed and he pins her down before shoving her off again, and finally Lola is walking away as Jack sits up and apologizes to her. Later that morning Jack is in the kitchen with Oz and assistant Tony and tells them about what happened with Lola. Oz is concerned, and suggests therapy because he doesn’t want to be on the receiving end of any of it. They laugh it off, and Oz tells Jack not to worry.

    Kelly is back at home, and now she’s arguing with Sharon. Kel bitches about the way Sharon talks to her when handling her music career. Sharon suggests that Kelly get a different manager to ease some of the stress and keep family business out of the professional side. That sends Kel over the edge, and she leaves the room spewing a hail of F-bombs.

    Jack comes down stairs, and Sharon notices a bite mark on his arm. He says that Kelly blames him for her break up with Bert and that lead to another fight between them where Kel bit him. Sharon says that Kelly blamed her a week ago, and Jack claims that she always tries to put stuff on everyone else. Kelly is standing in the doorway and hears the entire conversation. Instead of blowing her top, she storms up stairs and packs a bag. She tosses it down the stairs, drags it to the door, and stomps out to another series of F-bombs.

    We now get to the first disturbing sequence, as we are back with the night cam shot of Jack in bed. Minnie is pacing the floor right beside his bed, and Jack reaches down, grabs her, and pulls it into bed with him. The dog barks, and Jack wiggles around a bit before everything goes quiet and he stops moving. Thankfully, we could not see that side of the bed.

    The shot cuts to the next morning, as Jack is waking up. He looks over, sits up quickly, and lets out a “woah”. Oz is out in the yard looking for Minnie, while Sharon is checking inside. We cut back to Jack putting something wrapped in a sheet into a duffle bag. He takes off while Sharon and Oz continue to call out for Minnie.

    Jack is making his way downstairs with the bag and avoids everyone as he heads out the front door and through the gate. A little later, Oz is in the kitchen getting a drink of water when the phone rings. It’s Jack, and he confesses to killing Minnie but doesn’t remember doing it. He begs Oz not to tell Sharon, but Oz says that he has to and will deal with it. Oz goes of to tell Sharon, and she doesn’t believe him at first. He swears that he’s telling the truth, and they both start to cry.

    Oz is sleeping and Sharon is packing things for no apparent reason. She writes a message on the toilet seat, kisses Ozzy and leaves. The next morning, Oz is on the phone with her and asks if she’s coming back. She says that she needs to be away from the house for a while, and doesn’t want to even talk about it. They hang up and Oz makes his way to the couch and turns on the TV. He gets stuck on the weather channel again and shouts for Jack. He bangs the remote a few times, and yells for Sharon and then Kelly. He gets fed up and walks off, and as he closes the half door the theme music starts playing and a voice off screen yells “ and cut”.

    And now the other disturbing part. As the camera pulls back, we get a shot of a guy holding a cue card with Ozzy’s weather channel dialog on it. Oz comes back in and says “is that it, is it all over? I don’t have to say the F word anymore? You can take your dog s*** with you”. The camera pans around to show the film and sound crew as they all applaud and shake hands. It continues to pan and we see Sharon holding Minnie, with Jack and Kelly sitting in the background. Oz turns and says “now you can all f*** off”, as we cut to a shot of the entire cast and crew waving to an overhead camera from the front stairs. As the credits role, we get to see multiple outtakes from the famous “I love you all more than life itself, but you’re all f***ing mad” scene. With that, this season comes to an end.

    Profanity Count: 45

    Was this their idea of a joke? Sorry, but I don’t get it. Even with my twisted sense of humor, I don’t see how they could find that funny. Sure they “got” everybody, but what was the reason behind it? It just doesn’t make sense to me, and that ending really makes me wonder about his show. Should it be re-categorized as a sitcom now, or was it just this episode? There is supposed to be another season, but how is anyone going to watch it the same way again? I’ve always assumed things were re-shot or set up to an extent, but this makes me question how much was actually real and how much was from a script.

    I guess we’ll have to wait for an official explanation, if there ever is one.

    To contact the author, send mail to jr@fansofrealitytv.com

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    Wow, that's freaky. How strange. Great recap, JR!

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    the show was DISGUSTING. I cant believe I watched that filth. I was heartbroken and in shock when I thought that Jack had killed Minnie.

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    i was absolutely devastated and didnt find it funny at all when i found out it was a joke! i am so mad and feel like we have been lied to!

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    The viewers were the suckers this week

    I think the last few episodes set up the finale. For example, last week was about going fishing. Who were the suckers on the line this week? I fell for it.

    The fights between Kelly and Jack have been escalating. If Jack had called the cops the night him and Kelly fought by the pool Kelly would have spent the night in jail. That clearly fell within the domestic violence statute.

    I should have known. Jack is too big a wuss to have a violent high. For example, the same night he fought with Kelly all he did arguing with Melinda was to keep slamming the door in her face. Melinda told Kelly that Jack would snap and hit her in the face. Right. This is the same kid that would only shoot paintballs at the neighbor's tennis court. Was that supposed to be an 8 Mile take off? I thought Sharon's dad was supposed to be an old G? I guess it isn't genetic.

    The part about Minni was disturbing, but the not nearly as bad as having Kelly back at the end. Maybe she will move away, far far away, next season.
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    Great recap. While I was watching The Osbournes last night, the episode suddenly cut to a commercial (after the Jack and Mini situation). Then it came on again after the commericals when off, showing the same terrible scene again. Was it just a Time Warner Cable mistake here in NE Ohio, or did anyone else have the same experience??

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    Quote Originally Posted by ohiomobprincess
    Great recap. While I was watching The Osbournes last night, the episode suddenly cut to a commercial (after the Jack and Mini situation). Then it came on again after the commericals when off, showing the same terrible scene again. Was it just a Time Warner Cable mistake here in NE Ohio, or did anyone else have the same experience??

    Unfortunately, the same 'glitch' happened here down south.... so I had to watch the horror over again, which I did, because I was so shocked he had killed her.

    I am very relieved that Minnie is unharmed, but very angry to be fooled that bad. They (MTV/OSBOURNES) should know that the ratings they get is from viewers that love Ozzy and his family, including the pets, and that this was a sick sick joke.

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    Nope, happened here too.....

    I know when it did that I called to my roommate to turn on her tv or come watch it, because "JACK KILLED MINNIE!!"

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    I'm wondering if they scripted the show from the beginning. I have a feeling that they did because when they showed the outtakes it was OBVIOUS they had a reason for it. I think they're trying to get people to speculate and talk about what happened so the next season's ratings are as high as they were with the first season.

    Really, really, really, really weird stuff.

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    What a show, eh? I turned it on when WC told me what happened and I couldnt believe it. I thought, poor Jack, what he must be going through. And his phone call to Ozzy! Broke my heart. And then when Sharon started to cry out Minnie's name, I was crying by that point. I just had a really bad feeling about what had happened. And then at the very end, I could not believe it! There was Minnie alive and well! And it had all been an act. I first laughed cause I was so relieved, and then I thought what a way to end the season! I think they all deserve an award. Definitely a memorable season finale.

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