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Thread: The Osbournes "WTF?" episode 20 recap

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    Season Finale

    I am not angry. I am surprised that they all set it up so perfectly. I am very interested in how the new series will begin. I wouldn't miss it for anything. Actually, when I think about it, Ozzy is really the center of everything that goes on and is really quite the comedian with little or no effort. I am astonished at some of his statements. No one ever gives him any credit for anything that is positive but actually, he is as stupid as a fox! ! ! I really like the man.

    To have accomplished as much as he has, he has a lot going for him. I know many disagree with me but I really think he controls everything that goes on in his home; although everyone wants the viewer to believe he is a simpleminded man. I wonderful what kind of satisfaction people get by constantly putting him down. What makes these people watch him week after week. It looks to me that these viewers are the simpleminded ones, sitting through a show that upsets them so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonnie1943
    It looks to me that these viewers are the simpleminded ones, sitting through a show that upsets them so much.

    I don't disagree with you. He seems like a great guy and is funny as hell.

    What upsets me is how people call them a dysfunctional family. Aside from Jack and Kelly sometimes treating their mother like crap (Grrrrrrrrr) ... they seem like a close family to me. My father hit the road when I was 7 and my mother didnt like to show emotion. So I got no affection and no praise like getting good grades, good deeds etc, that builds kids confidence. Seeing them sit around on each others beds, talk and goof around got admiration from me. I'd have loved to been 17 and so close to my mother that we'd be comfortable to walk around in public together holding hands. I'd take that dysfunctional family any day.

    And how can anyone call Ozzy simpleminded with the songs he writes???? (Revelation - Mother Earth, Goodbye to Romance, Suicide Solution to name a few)

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    I love Ozzy! He seems to be really sweet and cares so much about his family. They wouldn't have anything without him and his hard work over the years.

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    Levare Patria
    OK, here in Germany the last episode was on the screens a few minutes ago. Normally I don't write into this kind of forums, nor do I watch series on TV - of whatever kind it might be. I do definitely not, coz I normally KNOW, what this media-industry is doing to us. Still I am a part of it, working for it ...

    But to put some things right, for all of you, being too naive to believe in fake reality (sad times, where we have to differ between Real Reality and FAKE reality, but so it is written in our history): It just makes sense, that "The Osbournes", as a brand, as a commercial TV-Series, as SOMETHING, that guarantees the holder of the brand (at least the family, the actors themselves or the tv-station) a high income, would do some kind of a scripted show. NOTHING is real on TV - NOTHING! In any case, mainly a child of the entertainment-industry, any kind of a "show" or "series" isnt real. Neither Talkshows, nor the candidates in it, not any so-called reality-tv-series. It's just fake. As always. Because making the viewers believing it, it's real, gives them money. Maybe the pictures in the news, with bloodstained people lying in the sands of Baghdad are real. But even in that case you have to watch out carefully, if you are not going to be betrayed with manipulated pictures (more blood or whatever). If you've worked for the TV-Industry for some years, you wouldnt turn on the TV for private purposes anymore - I guarantee you.

    Ever wondered why the Osbournes-Team stuffed one of the dogs into a little carrying box? Coz some of the dogs are just trained dogs. But maybe even that isnt true. If you are not there, you cannot tell the true truth. One thing is for sure: Even the Osbournes are a fake. For approximately 94% of the show, its just fake. Of course some happenings are recorded at random, might be true.

    and so on and so on... believe what you are willing to believe. But this TV-World is just a big big pile of CRAP and SH**!

    until the next time..

    greetings and sorry for bad english
    Levare Patria
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    A true reality show

    I have wanted to answer your post sooner but I had a couple of knee replacements that wouldn't let me sit for very long.

    I really feel that the Osbournes is a true reality show because they showed the world what real problems were and their lives were not just fun and parties. We watched the kids transform from the solitude of England to the artificial lifestyle in California (which I am sure did not make their parents happy), we saw Sharon go through a horrible ordeal with Ozzy by her side, we watched as Ozzy become weaker with each show, (fortunately, the news is good and they have found a medicine to help him), we witnessed Ozzy, Jack, Kelly and Sharon at their best and at their worst. Other the kid slaps between the siblings, we didn't see or hear any violence. We did witness genuine kindness. As a wife and mother, I can imagine the fear they all lived with going through all of this and then witnessing people sitting in very cruel judgement of them and whatever they did and said. During all this, the world sat and watched and critized without thinking of what they were going through. I don't think that this show would have happened if they had any idea of what was to come. We saw how they lived, which is pretty much like we all live without the wealth. My house sometimes feels asif I am running a boarding house with people and kids in and out and all the other comical but real things that make this our home and our friends comfortable.

    Other celebrity homes look asif no one lives in these gorgeous homes and there is no way they can drive these cars that cost more than we can imagine. I didn't see any of this fake atmosphere at the Osbourne house..
    I don't ever remember Ozzy bragging of what he did or did not have.

    They all have proven to the public that they are strong and have a great bond between them. What I saw was reality, animals and all.
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    my take on things

    well, usually dont bother posting but this episode is bad.

    I personally think Jack did kill the dog, why... Well there is nothing in his character that could say he would not do it. I feel that Minnie will not show up in any of the next series and Jack did it. Ozzy and Sharon reacted as they would , not acting. Minnie is gone. The bite did not look like a human bite, a bite on the side of the arm would present differently, that looked too much like a dog bite.

    The final bit with the cue cards feels wrong. it feels like it is from another earlier series. Remember when Ozzy had the issues with the tv+remote, that was ages ago. I think that stock film was taken from another series and used to show the presence of Minnie. To prevent Jack from getting in trouble.

    Why would MTV show it, as its serious, but they had to cover their asses by putting the stock joke cue card bit in , the result is that the audience is confused, did it happen or not??? Well either well MTV is covered so as far as they are concerned why not show it. The series is not scripted, its no possible, sure some sections are more than likely to be now and then, but the show is not a fake.

    Of course, no one knows for real, no one will know , but i put my money on minnie not making a return in the next series. Just my opinion guys and gals, dont bite

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    I've smoked Cat Nip...... Leviathan's Avatar
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    Hey - if anyone believes that any show on TV is NOT scripted to some extent - I have a bridge for sale.

    Real life CAN be entertaining, but never to the extent that we see on TV. In reality, reality is pretty boring... save the odd few strange/exciting moments that happen every so often.

    Let's face it - "real life" is so damn boring, that even "fake real life" has to be spiced up a bit to make it entertaining.


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    Hey I'm new here. Just wanted to say kick-ass review of that episode. Do you by any chance have screen caps from it? I'm looking for a few more pictures of Rob for some project thing. Erm.

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    I think they should have aired this as an April Fool's show.
    Drew Cary used to do an April Fool's show each year and it was great.
    They just threw in random stuff that wouldn't really normaly happen and acted like it was normal. The characters changed traits and dressed differently and interacted differently but everyone acted like it was normal.
    If you had never seen the show before you would never know anything was going on. I used to look forward to it each year. They even had a contest one year where you could write a list of all the differnces and mail it in to win something.

    I want Ozzy to adopt me. They hang out and talk about stuff. Wow!!!
    My family was never this close!
    When everything's coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.

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