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Thread: what did i just see?

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    Chelle, you might be right and that might be the only time they did that, but how do you know for sure from now on? You saw how easily believable that was.

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    I admit, there were moments when I was like "no, this isn't true..." and felt they were a bit over the top with the whole Minnie's death thing....of course, it could just be me but if my son killed our family dog in his sleep I'd be a bit more freaked about my son than the dog!!

    And then they were putting the dogs into carriers.......I keep thinking of little bits I saw and trying to figure out how scripted it was, and how much they were trying to mess with our minds.......

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    credablity? credabliity of what? reality shows exist to entertain just like any show, who cares really. I don't think the whole thing is scripted, but i do think certain lines and events are scripted, i've always wondered if they told people to do certain things, but some things are clearly real. I wouldn't doubt if it's much more scripted than most people would like to believe, i don't care, either way i love it.

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    The entertainment part should come from the editing. No matter what 'actually' happens, the editing can make it seem different. Everyone that has been part of a reality show & has been interviewed has said the same thing, "They edited the show to make me look like........."

    So, was the whole show scripted, I doubt it. Was some of it... ummmm maybe

    but I think it was only the last show to draw alot of hype and controversy about the show, because MTV, along with other entertainment shows, had reported that the second season of the Osbourne's didn't bring in the same high ratings of the first season.

    I think they (MTV) are getting what they wanted, it is said many times that just getting the name out there will bring more attention to that person/show, making a controversy over it, and hopefully guaranteeing a higher rated season if they come back for round 3.

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    Scripted or not

    Before long, I feel that the viewers will have all of their questions answered . No matter, I will continue to watch 'The Osbournes' like many other people will because we thoroughly enjoyed it as many others did.

    I am sure as many viewers are, that no animals were hurt during the filming other than the episode with the coyotes. I still believe that the last episode was scripted in part as a cliffhanger for the next season. The Osbournes are very active with the animal activists.

    I cannot be negative until more information is given to the viewers about the final episode. After all this time, I do think that they deserve the benefit of the doubt.

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    I was getting very suspicious when they were playing the omninous, eerie music in the background and showing the night cam in Jack's room and then he grabs Minnie and (how convenient) just happens to do something with her just off-camera. Then he just happens to have a bag just the right size to carry her body off in. It all seemed way too perfect to actually be real (although I was really hoping that stupid rat was really dead).

    I thought the repeating part of the episode was just the TiVo acting up, glad to know it was seen by others as well.

    Why was Sharon writing on the toilet lids with her lipsitck?

    I thought the ending seemed like a finale to the whole show, not just the season, wasn't it set for another season after this one though?

    It was obvious that the end was meant as a joke on us and I thought it was funny but I don't think it means any of the other shows were scripted also.

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    Just the fact that Minnie was in Jack's room was odd. Minnie is one of Sharon's favorites and having many dogs myself...know that each dog has a favorite person as well.
    I believe the repeat was done to get your attention, just in case you weren't paying attention the first time.
    I was upset at first too...but look...they have everyone talking about that episode and wanting to see more.
    They clearly let us know it was an "all in good fun" episode with the cue cards being shown and Sharon holding Minnie.

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    does anyone know when the second season is going to be shown on normal TV - i dont have sky.

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    Minnie is Jack's room

    You are right with that post....Minnie would never be in Jack's room unless Sharon was there also....If you ever noticed, Minnie sleeps always with Sharon and is also one step behind her. If Sharon ever made a quick turn she would trip on the little cutie.

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