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Thread: Last show of the Season

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    Last show of the Season

    I wish that the season was longer for the Osbournes. It is not surprising just how many people watched and really enjoy the show. I am talking about the 40, 50 and 60 age group. How well families can relate to the Osbournes. The Osbourne family seemed to be more relaxed to their new atmosphere because their lives looked to be very different from the residence in England. Although I believe that they really want to go back to their homeland to live their normal lives, I am looking forward to the new season.

    We watched faithfully and enjoyed this great TV series but it must have been very stressful for Sharon and Ozzy trying to keep some sanity in their lives.

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    There are 20 episodes this season, right? So there's one more?

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    20 more episodes

    I believe so John, this last episode was filmed while Sharon was having treatments and before Jack went to rehab.

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