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    Does anyone know if Melinda had her baby yet?

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    Melinda's baby?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bonnie1943
    Does anyone know if Melinda had her baby yet?

    I was wondering that exact same thing! It seems that she would either just be having it around now, or be just about to. I can't find any info about it anywhere so if you find out, let me know ok? anastazya1@aol.com

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    How exactly did she get pregnant? Does she have a boyfriend? Thats strange how she just decided she wanted to be pregnant.

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    She's married, and her and her husband have been discussing it for a while.

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    Melinda-The Nanny

    For those of you who are interested, on Sharon's television show today, she had a segment where she answered telephone calls. A woman from Ohio asked about Melinda and Sharon informed her viewers that as of today Melinda's son, Lucas, is one week late. I do hope that Melinda and baby are featured on the new series.

    Through this show, Sharon certainly makes herself accessible to her fans without making a big deal of it. Her personality is great and very natural.

    Did anyone watch the show the day that she said there in California the celebrities get many perks and pay for very little, whether it be jewelry, clothes, etc. She made it clear that in England, the Osbournes paid for everything they have. Her comments are very interesting and she really has shown a true to life way she and her family really live and not at all pretentious. Most celebrities exhibit their lifestyles asif they were still in front of a camera.

    I hope that Sharon's show continues to be successful. I find that her guests are very interesting and some of them have great life stories.

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    Information for Osbourne Fans

    For information about Melinda, you can find it on 'SharonOsbourne.com' on the October 9 recap. Click on the guest file and you will find the information regarding Melinda and her baby, you may find other articles that interest you also.

    By the way, Sharon's show is pretty good and quite funny.

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