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Thread: Nanny Melinda Preggers

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    Nanny Melinda Preggers

    Melinda Varga
    Birthday: June 5, 1977
    Birth Place: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    Husband is rock-and-roll tour manager.
    Steve Varga . Married on 1 September 2000

    Nanny Melinda usually gets to Ozzyland about 9 am and usually leaves around 6. If there is something special going on she stays later, or even all night.Her Job is to more or less make sure the three ( now four) kids get out of bed and are fed.

    So basically she has a whole none Ozzy life .

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    I was wondering about that, I thought she lived with them full time.

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    Nanny Melinda Preggers

    Would you know if Melinda has had her baby yet? Here on the east coast, not much information is available. Actually, most posts related to this question are unsuitable and should be deleted from the forums that permit them.

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