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Thread: From Bad to Worst For ABC's "The One"

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    What I'd kinda hoped this would be after only reading the TiVo blurb was last summer's ABC show "The Scholar" only with musical prodigies. Now, see, *that* would have been an interesting concept. Particularly if they'd been vying for scholarships instead of recording contracts, and in different musical genres. Instead, we get a bad ripoff of AI. Bah.

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    it's weird though that the show sucks in the us. It's very very popular oversea.
    I tried to watch, but the talent isn't really there and the host gets on my nerves somehow. Oh well, nice try ABC.

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    Remus Lupin

    'The One' debut a ratings disaster

    By BILL BRIOUX - Toronto Sun

    One show to go for Strombo?

    PASADENA, Calif. -- The One may be remembered as the One Point One.

    That's the miserable rating it drew in its premiere outing on ABC in the U.S. Tuesday night. The new karaoke reality series, hosted by Canadian George Stroumboulopoulos, drew a paltry 3.1 million U.S. viewers. Canadian Idol has done better in Canada.

    The One could stand for the one week it aired. ABC did nothing to promote the series this week despite the golden opportunity of having 200 TV critics from across North America before them at press tour.

    The music series was crushed in Canada as well, drawing just 235,000 viewers on CBC, which had planned to eventually spin off a Canadian edition. The same night, CTV's Canadian Idol and Global's Rock Star: Supernova both pulled over a million viewers, with once mighty Idol barely winning in households and Rock Star winning in the all important 18-49 year demographic.

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    When this show dies, i'm won't be throwing flowers because of it's demise - i'd much rather be throwing gasoline and a well-aimed match to make sure this zombie never rises again!

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    I saw portions of this the other night and couldn't believe that anyone thought the singers I viewed were any good.

    Even (especially) their families should be purchasing ear protection in bulk.

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    I guess I like watching disasters, but I may be one of a handful of people who've seen both weeks of this show.
    It was interesting to see how much deck chair rearranging happened between week 1 and week 2.

    1) they dumped the band for the most part
    2) they tried to de-glitz the performances, but without a whole lot of effect in most cases. None of them seem to have star quality.

    I can see how a show like this might work, but I would consider letting the performers work a real club instead of the studio audience, letting them sing their own material, and doing away with the judge/coach dual role. If anything, the show does reveal how critical Simon is to the mix on Idol.

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    I don't like the show that much, but I think it's better this week than last week. Just because I want to find out what's happening with Aubrey and Nick.

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    So far I've been taping it and watching it later (when nothing else is on). I don't want to become invested in yet another show that gets canned before it is resolved (Invasion, Last Comic Standing anyone?!). It's kind of like an accident, but I can't avert my eyes!!

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    Round two was way better than round 1. It's like the sound was so screwed up on the first episode that none of the singers could find their notes. Round 2 was better, although still only barely watchable.

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    I agree with mbcrowder, round 2 was wayyyyy better than round 1. I like watching nick and aubrey hooking up.

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