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Thread: 7/18 Premiere Discussion **Spoilers**

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    FORT Fogey Misty8723's Avatar
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    I was flipping back in forth between this show and Supernova. I didn't see anything that impressed me, and there was way too much filler. I personally don't care what goes on behind the scenes, I just want to see the performances.
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    The singers aren't very good at all. Like the 3rd singer, the guy.....he has a nice voice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbcrowder View Post

    And the judges? 3 morons. Raving over every single contestant - and over the top raving on the very worst of them. Horrible, just horrible.
    I couldn't believe the judges either--especially the homeless looking one that spilt Koolaid on his beard-Ha. There was just too much "polished looking" camera work, backgrounds, smoke, etc too soon.
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    Wow! I thought they were awful! I couldn't help but compare to some of the AI singers and non of these would have made the top 24. I may continue to watch a few more episodes just to see if they improve. I have to agree that the judges were way too generous with their praise. I wonder if they "watched it back", as Simon would say so that they could see and hear what we were seeing?!

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    I was all excited to start watching a new show from the beginning, but I got so bored I only lasted 30 minutes. They all sounded like rejects from the AI auditions.

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    Is this a satire or just plain lame?
    I watched it last night and had to flip away several times. i mean even the judges are like bad Caricatures of the idol judges. And the singers, well I guess we can call them that since they are on this show, they are soo far from anyone that has been on idol.
    More funny than anything.

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    Wow. I've seen five minutes of this. And it may be five too many.

    This piece of crap better not get better ratings than Rockstar, which at least has three or four really amazing performers, a KILLER house band, and no annoying Paula Abdul types (which this One show seems to have in spades).

    A tiny bit later (before I left): Contestant voting? This piece of crap has CONTESTANT VOTING?

    Pee You.
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    He's surprised he's here? I'm surprised I'm actually watching. It's like watching one of the 80's teen movies.

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    The horror about tonight's show is that the three in the bottom all aren't going home. They stank up the stage last night and so far the first two were even worse tonight than last night.

    Also why is this show so long??? It wouldn't have been nearly as bad last night cut to an hour or an hour and a half at the very most. Tonight an hour to see who's going home with no guest acts is just too long. I hope CBC retools the whole show premise before premiering the Canadian version of this because right now the show is a stinker.

    Oh just caught bottom #3 and she too was worse than last night, though I have to give her some credit, she did Donna Summer (badly) again tonight. I would have thought she would have at least moved on to the 80's for tonights number but no, Disco lives on The One.
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    I agree with most people.....Major League P-U! Rocker Boy is a caricature of what he wishes he was.
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