Poll Results

View Poll Results: Which remaining FOA tribe member is most likely to make it to the Jury?

  • ASHLEY--Nearly voted out at first Tribal Council for being 'weak'.

    4 3.17%
  • JAISON--Physically strong, but whines and complains.

    16 12.70%
  • LIZ--Picked as the "smart one." Playing a low-key game.

    16 12.70%
  • MICK--the Chief. Can he "doctor" the votes to stay in the game?

    34 26.98%
  • NATALIE--Part of "dumb-blonde" alliance. Can she continue to count on Russell?

    30 23.81%
  • Russell H--Calls himself the "Puppet Master." Has the Immunity Idol. Will his devious scheming work?

    53 42.06%
Multiple Choice Poll.

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