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View Poll Results: The Surreal Life 4: What was the premiere's most SURREAL moment?

  • Kathy Griffin appearing out of the blue as a cab driver.

    3 2.40%
  • Gigantic Chyna making herself at home in all that tiny furniture.

    10 8.00%
  • Peter Brady, all grown up and more eye-catching than the resident Calvin Klein underwear model.

    19 15.20%
  • Da Brat assuming that the cast would be A-list movie stars and hip-hop artists, implying that she belongs in that category herself.

    19 15.20%
  • Adrianne and Jane slipping into their birthday suits for a soak in the hot tub.

    4 3.20%
  • Adrianne's version of "dinner on her" turning out to mean sushi placed strategically on her naked body.

    5 4.00%
  • Verne rubbing the serving dish, i.e. her nipple.

    11 8.80%
  • The affect of alcohol on Verne. Okay, do I have to spell it out? Verne getting so stupid drunk he had to be carried to bed, where he groaned loudly for several minutes - until Christopher put his face within reach and Verne took the opportunity to feel up every pore, crevice and orifice of the former Brady's face.

    31 24.80%
  • Scooter. Naked. Pee. For more details, see sher's recap.

    60 48.00%
  • The surprising fact that this season of the show is living up to its title.

    16 12.80%
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