Poll Results

View Poll Results: Survivor: It’s men vs. women…what could break the women’s alliance?(guests may vote)

  • Nothing: we’re going to see the first all-female final four.

    22 27.50%
  • Eliza will yammer her way into being universally hated.

    12 15.00%
  • Sarge will exercise his charismatic pull over Julie and Twila by going “Hatch“ 24/7.

    5 6.25%
  • Ami will catch one of the girls flirting, and will sentence her to twenty lashes for what she calls “a crime against nature.”

    5 6.25%
  • Chad will use the Vanuatu stone’s mysterious powers to hypnotize Jeff Probst into stuffing the ballot box.

    1 1.25%
  • Leann will be voted out accidentally when Sarge spreads the word that he spells his name with two n’s

    7 8.75%
  • Chris will take up body painting and back rubbing, thereby displacing Ami’s value to the tribe.

    4 5.00%
  • Julie will be inexplicably charmed when she catches Chris stealing her sock, not knowing that he has collected them from all of his “special“ friends.

    1 1.25%
  • Twila will switch her vote at the promise of a beer with Sarge after the final show - make that a tepid can of beer out by the CBS dumpsters.

    8 10.00%
  • Scout will call for a group hug just one damn time too many.

    11 13.75%
  • New alliances will form around the coffee pot: the real drinkers versus the wimps drinking that decaf swill.

    3 3.75%
  • Other - post your explanation.

    1 1.25%

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