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Thread: Celebrity Mole or Regular Mole?

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    Celebrity Mole or Regular Mole?

    ABC has announced that it's bringing back Celebrity Mole for a second run, and hasn't said a word about bringing back "regular" Mole. Which would you rather see return?

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    As much as I like Anderson Cooper, it might not have worked using him with "celebrities." But I like Regular Mole better anyway.

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    Deep Dish
    I completely missed the boat on regular The Mole and Celebrity Mole the first time around.

    But one Sunday I was channel surfing and landed on ABC Family. For the next marathon 8 hours I was gripped watching Stephen, Frederique, Erik, Kim, Kathy, Corbin and Michael duke it out.

    Can't really compare it to the regular Mole I suppose, but I vote celebrity. I find reality tv that much more fun when I can poke fun at a B-Lister's nose twitch or something like that.

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    The Mole that's never 'boring'

    I would like to state that I have watched each of The Mole series and liked them well. The second one actually got shelved for a while due to 9/11 and then brought back. It was tough to get into it again, but once I did, it was well worth watching. There were some great locations and beautiful scenery much like TAR.

    Didn't we all suspect Dorothy of being "the Mole?"

    I would say that the problem with the regular Mole series that there were way too many people in it.

    The Celebrity Mole series appeared to have fewer contestants even though there is no lack of B and C list people around. Celebrity judges and contestants abound!

    All in all, it was a good series, and DD, if you had seen the first two with Anderson Cooper you would have been able to appreciate yet another great Host like Phil, Jeff and Joe.

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    Regular Mole.

    One of the reasons I like reality tv is so I don't have to watch "celebrities"

    That said, I'm not sure even the regular mole can make it without Anderson.
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    regular mole

    I saw the last two series of the regular mole, and the celebity mole; and have to say I enjoyed the regular mole better. I liked having more players. It gave us more time to get to know each of them and the show lasted longer too. I had more fun playing along with other players on the message boards. I found the celebrities seemed to always feel like they had to be "on" as in having to be the center of attraction. They either were trying too hard to be funny (or obnoxious). I enjoyed the celebrity mole and will definitely watch it, but I would much rather have non- celebrity contestants if I had my druthers. It used to be my favorite reality show. I'm glad to hear it's coming back, but in going with the celebrities, it just shows me that ABC still doesn't get it They are continuing to make bad decisions about the shows they select to put on their channel. When they do try a new program, they either don't promote it, don't, leave it on long enough to get a following, or try to serve the public dribble. (sorry about the vent). It just irks me what ABC has done to its programing!

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    I loved the mole and I enjoyed the regular mole so much more. Anderson of course made it worth watching but it's different when you have real everyday people on there. The celeberties just werent the same. But I must say, I would watch it either way!

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    Any Mole is better than No Mole!

    I did have to cast my vote for Anderson, however. He was half the fun! His smart-a** remarks made the show sometimes.

    But I'll take Any Mole.

    What a great show!

    Bring it back!

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    I'm with DD on this one... except that I saw Celeb Mole on it's original run.

    I would like to see a regular Mole though so I could compare. (I did see about 1 1/2 episodes of the last regular one and enjoyed them. I don't know why I didn't watch the whole thing.

    I'm a sucker for the celb versions of game/reality shows though

    The Mole also did the best job of actually having recognizable celebs as oppose to one's I look at and think "Yeah, S/he is kind of familiar"
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    I'd prefer Regular Mole with Anderson back at the controls. If Anderson can't be there, I'll take Regular over Celebrity. If I can't have Regular, I'll take Celebrity. Any port in a storm, I guess.

    CG, in my recaps for Mole 2, I made constant references to Bill the Clumsy Mole, but, yeah, I was suspicious of Dorothy, too. *raise eyebrow* I suspected everyone.
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