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  • The Hair.

    106 20.99%
  • The Mouth.

    166 32.87%
  • They're both making themselves look like fools. So here's a fluffy kitten.

    233 46.14%
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Thread: Donald Vs. Rosie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ana Bannana;2201991;
    I would have said neither, but since the hair won't just let it go...I am with Rosie on this now.

    This is exactly how I feel and I am in NO way a fan of Rosie's
    I can only please one person a day, today is not your day and tomorrow doesn't look good either

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    I just don't pay any attention to either one.

    A fluffy kitten gets treats from me! I vote fluffy kitten.

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    donald is cranky he needs to get laid more often maybe evana can try again

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff;2205237;
    Conan does a great Trump impression which I've never heard Trump complain about (although he obviously might have) so I have to think Trump was more irritated by what Rosie said than the impression itself.
    If he cared about that why is Conan still doing it? Wouldn't Trump have commented on that too, or does he get a bye because they're on the same network?
    Oh, man. I'm sitting here just getting over a sore throat/cough/earache hoping that another coughing fit doesn't come on and I make the big mistake of watching Conan. (I should know better as practically everything he does makes me laugh, which in turn starts a coughing fit.) Anyway, he did his Trump impression during the monologue. It was hilarious.

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    Re: Donald Vs. Rosie

    I voted "Fluffy Kitten" because I think they're both acting like idiots.

    Rosie has been attacking one person after another... Donald...Kelly Ripa...etc etc etc

    Donald is just a big pompous windbag with no class

    I wish they'd both shut the hell up and go away

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    Re: Donald Vs. Rosie

    I only chose Rosie because I can't stand Trump; he makes me barf a little in my mouth every time I see him. But they are both being silly (although Rosie not so much anymore) so maybe I should've voted in the kitty.

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    Re: Donald Vs. Rosie

    They should be force to date each other. That would serve them right for us having to hear all their nonsense.

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    Re: Donald Vs. Rosie

    I think Rosie started it when she made her comments and he remarked back. But I think they are both a joke and really sound like bla bla bla when they talk. So I guess I will take the fluffy kitten.

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