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  • Magni

    763 57.63%
  • Toby

    726 54.83%
  • Storm

    275 20.77%
  • Dilana

    709 53.55%
  • Patrice

    28 2.11%
  • Ryan

    307 23.19%
  • Lukas

    647 48.87%
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Thread: Rock Star: Supernova - Who Are Your Final Three?

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    Premium Member speedbump's Avatar
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    Here I started the poll but forgot to give my top three. I chose Dilana, Lukas and Ryan. Although after last night, I'd replace Dilana with Toby.
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    Okay, Speedbump, we're closer this time... I chose Magni, Lukas & Ryan. I am just not a fan of Dilana - especially after her media dump.

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    Toby's Slave kimrs's Avatar
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    I chose Magni, Toby and Dilana. They are the only three who hold my attention week after week onstage. My top choice is Magni. He is incredible. A part of me actually feels like is the Marty of this year, too talented to front this band.

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    RENThead JLuvs's Avatar
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    I chose Ryan (my favorite), Toby (my second favorite) and Storm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by speedbump View Post
    Here I started the poll but forgot to give my top three. I chose Dilana, Lukas and Ryan. Although after last night, I'd replace Dilana with Toby.

    I agree with Speedbump here. If they want someone with writing and
    playing versatility, it looks like Ryan would be the guy. He plays piano,
    guitar, and his original was damn good. Image wise, I think he needs
    a few more tatoos and piercings and he's in. Toby will either come in 3rd or

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    Dilana, Lukas and Toby

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    Is Dilana making you all sick as well?

    Okay, clearly Supernova likes Dilana and she always seems to have the votes, but come on already I hate her attitude. She thinks she has it in "the bag" and therefore she can treat others like garbage. I just hope that Supernova sees her behavior and realizes that maybe she isn't right for their band. Toby has been my personal favorite (and not just because of his looks, although they do help, but I don't think that he is right for the band as well. Ryan certainly has been amazing lately and I would love to see him take it from Dilana. She looks like she has been rode hard and put back wet. I guess we'll see huh?


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    Techsan by the grace of G texasgirl73's Avatar
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    Even though Dilana really put her foot in her mouth the other night I still think she's awesome and is sure to go places even if she doesn't land this gig. I included her, along with Toby and Ryan in my top 3.
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    I predict Dilana, Lukas and Ryan in the top three, although I'd rather see Magni up there.

    Even though the band loves Dilana I'm getting the vibe that they don't want to be fronted by a woman so I'm looking for Ryan or Lukas to win. Lukas, ideally, because that would be a Canadian winner two years running. Canada rocks (with the notable exceptions of Celine and Shania)!

    And what's with all the Toby-love? He's incredibly boring, not especially good-looking and, if you read his posts, dumber than a bag of hammers.

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    OK, I'm starting to sour on Dilana now. Can I change my top 3 to Lukas, Storm & Magni?

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