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  • Magni

    763 57.63%
  • Toby

    726 54.83%
  • Storm

    275 20.77%
  • Dilana

    709 53.55%
  • Patrice

    28 2.11%
  • Ryan

    307 23.19%
  • Lukas

    647 48.87%
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Thread: Rock Star: Supernova - Who Are Your Final Three?

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    I joining the club, too. I also think it's going to come down to Dilana, Magni, and Storm. Lukas keeps getting the "constricted voice" comments, which I think will be his downfall. Plus, he can't hold his liquor. JR. will keep Storm in it. Magni has an awesome voice and has been improving every week. Dilana has the look and attitude for the band; she's a natural performing.

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    I picked Dilana, Lukas and Storm. They fit the personality of Supernova. Magni is not a fit because he has a family in Iceland so I don't think he'll be able to keep up with the band and this is something that will be considered on his elimination.

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    Dilana, Magni and Toby. Unfortunately I am sure Lukas will be there instead of Toby. I think Dilana will take it all.
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    i think it's neat how so early into the poll, 48 people (or 97%) think Dilana will make it to the final 3 and 0 think Patrice will.

    I think it's telling.

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    That's all folks! Unklescott's Avatar
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    I believe the F3 will be Magni, Dilana and Lukas, but my preference is Storm in place of Lukas. Sharing the Storm love.

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    Hey, I can't vote multiple times! I was ready to do some major AI-style power voting.
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    I think it will be Dilana, Storm and Ryan. Possibly Magni instead of Ryan. I hope Dilana wins. Go girl!
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    I chose Dilana, Magni and Lucas with a few caveats. Magni is my all-time fav but he is going to need a few great rockin' tunes in the coming weeks to show what he's made of. Lucas is not a fav of mine but seems to have TLee's heart and a huge fan base (I'd rather see Toby myself). Dilana is Dilana and if the boys what to beat her - they better hurry up and rock our socks off!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rattus View Post
    Aw, so sad. Not a single person thinks Patrice will be final three.
    Actually, I do. And here's why:

    1. She's pulling a Suzie McNeil. Her Wednesday performances have saved her butt time and again. She's gotten out of the bottom three at least three times. There must be a reason SN has kept her around this long.

    2. Gilby has said this is not going to be a "metal" band. I'm thinking it's gutter rock, perhaps even glam/Southern boogie rock (read, Aerosmith, and why isn't anyone singing Aerosmith tunes, by the way?), which she could totally pull off.

    3. Her chosen song this week will either be 'Somebody to Love', which she killed, 'Instant Karma', which was pretty good, or 'She Talks to Angels,' which is right up her alley and will easily be one of the top performances of the night.

    4. The only things that have shot her down are stage presence (OK, you got me there) and her ability to take constructive criticism.

    All Patrice needs is one killer performance like Suzie had last year with 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and instantly she's a competitor--at minimum, top four.

    Ryan and Lukas are both red herrings. Dilana's a lock for top 3, and Magni's close to that. The only person Patrice really has to beat is Storm. I don't think Toby is competition, singingwise whatsoever.

    Mark it down. Patrice is--at minimum--bottom four.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JR. View Post
    Same here, we should start a club
    I'll join. I think they've each been well set up for that final spot. Dilana and Magni are shoo-ins at this point, and Storm is the only one left that really has the presence and the attitude to compete with them. Ryan, Toby, and Patrice I don't think stand a chance against the other three, and I'm hoping that Sn will see through Lukas sooner rather than later.

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