Poll: Which is better - Big Brother All-Stars or a regular season?

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Thread: Which is better - Big Brother All-Stars or a regular season?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlyCat View Post
    Well, I really prefer a regular season. it's just more fun getting to know another group of houseguests and see how they bond rather than watching old alliance's reunions. Of course what I really love about All Stars is watching how people from different seasons get along. It's interesting to see that Chill Town and S-6 don't get along.

    I agree.

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    Big Brother

    .I like the regular shows also. I already know what the All stars are about and because of this I already formed opinions on who I like and don't like. It is better and more fun to have new people to figure out.

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    I was so excited knowing Janie and Kaysar might come back into the BB house.....really excited.....but now that it's been going for a few weeks, it's just not the same

    I'll be ready in BB8 for fresh people, fresh faces to size up to either cheer or boo.
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    Regular people and not actor wannabe's.

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    After watching All-Stars so far, I think a regular season may have been a better choice, even though I have favorites on the All-Stars, I still think that a regular season would have been more entertaining.
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    As Much As I Like See The All-Star Show. I Really Wish They Would Have Put This & A Regular Show.
    Like Everyone Said It's Way To Predectible. That's Doesn't Make It A Bad Show, I Still Like It. But That, In My Opinion, Would Have Been Better.

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