View Poll Results: Who sees their hopes of winning the cash dashed tonight?

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  • Kelly - $100,000aire who filed for bankruptcy.

    10 66.67%
  • Richard - Psychiatric ward inhabitant.

    4 26.67%
  • Tarah - packin' live ammo.

    1 6.67%
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Thread: Unan1mous : Who has the "worst" secret?

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    Unan1mous : Who has the "worst" secret?

    The contestant attempting to conceal the worst of the three secrets will be find themselves out of contention for the cash, but still stuck in the bunker tonight.

    Who will be out of the running?

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    i dont think any of those secrets are that bad. Anyone else disappointed?

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    To me, Kelly's secret is the worst. I think it'll be Richard's that gets selected, though.
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    I thought Kelly's was the worst, based on the context of the game. The mental ward thing is bound to be pretty minor. They're hardly likely to accept a contestant who killed and ate his whole family. And I don't even understand the "carrying live ammo" thing. Obviously the live ammo wasn't used to kill anybody, and there's no way the producers are going to let the contestants bring live ammo into the bunker.

    Since the game is to figure out who should get a big pile of cash, I'd absolutely vote against someone who was involved in some sort of bankruptcy scam.

    But apparently the contestants don't agree with me.

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