View Poll Results: Which lucky lady gets offered the final rose?

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  • Moana - and it should be.

    55 9.15%
  • Sarah - and it should be.

    249 41.43%
  • Moana - but Sarah is the better choice.

    41 6.82%
  • Sarah - but Moana is the better choice.

    48 7.99%
  • Moana - and he will propose.

    13 2.16%
  • Sarah - and he will propose.

    55 9.15%
  • Moana - but she only gets a promise ring and a plane ticket.

    34 5.66%
  • Sarah - but she only gets a promise ring and bus fare.

    100 16.64%
  • Moana - but she turns him down.

    5 0.83%
  • Sarah - but she turns him down.

    1 0.17%
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Thread: Who gets the final rose?

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    Yoffy lifts a finger... fluff's Avatar
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    Who gets the final rose?

    The latest installment of The Bachelor is winding down, which of the two finalists will be the recipient of the final rose from Travis?

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    Retired! hepcat's Avatar
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    I had to vote for Moana. I just don't think he's ready to settle down. Whoever it is, I don't think they'll get a real ring - maybe a promise ring.
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    Yoffy lifts a finger... fluff's Avatar
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    I don't think he really is enamoured enough of either of them to propose and sincerely mean it, at least not enough that there will be wedding bells in the near future.
    Not that I know the guy of course, it's just the feeling I get.

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    MIA, RIP, or Busy...
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    Although the hopeless romantic in me hopes for a proposal, I lean more toward Sarah and Travis agreeing to take the relationship back home and go from there.

    He may give her the ring as a promise ring...he just seems way too old fashioned and cautious to take a leap into engagement. Surprise me.
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    Who Dat lildago's Avatar
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    I like Moana but think he chooses Sarah. I agree that if he gives her a ring, it'll be a promise ring. No way will he propose!
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    I agree, we probably won't be seeing a proposal. And I absolutely can not stand Moana, so I voted for Sarah getting a promise ring and bus fare.

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    Voted for Southern Pageant. She will win the bus ticket and Moana dodges the bullet.

    *Can people vote twice and skew the results? *
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    I think Sarah has got the final rose. And No proposal. There is some sort of twist - maybe it has to do with the non-proposal. But she'll be thrilled to be able to date him in Nashvul. Until he leaves her behind for the mountains. ANd, fade out.

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    FORT Fanatic Kay118's Avatar
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    Voted for *Sarah - but she turns him down.*

    Just kidding, no way will that happen.

    Voted for Sarah and no proposal.

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    Anemic Dog
    I think he enjoyed his overnight date with Moana. Got a nice, long look at the tattoos on her backside. Which reminded him that he's in his 30s and it's time to settle down.

    Travis is never getting out of Tennessee. Whenever he's out of state for interviews or work, security will be tighter than the Cuban baseball team's when it visits America.

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