View Poll Results: ANTM5: Who Got the Best Makeover?

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  • Bre

    9 2.57%
  • Cassandra

    67 19.14%
  • Coryn

    89 25.43%
  • Diane

    9 2.57%
  • Ebony

    4 1.14%
  • Jayla

    26 7.43%
  • Kim

    8 2.29%
  • Kyle

    15 4.29%
  • Lisa

    16 4.57%
  • Nicole

    12 3.43%
  • Nik

    49 14.00%
  • Sarah

    46 13.14%
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Thread: ANTM5: Who Got the Best Makeover?

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    Fashionista Sandinista Chorita KaBoom's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
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    I voted for Coryn. The blonde hair, and the lightened eye brows, greatly improved her looks. Cassandra, despite all the drama, also really benefited from the makeover. She looks great as a blonde, and the short hair makes her look much more model-y. It still needs to be shorter though. I really can't believe she has no idea what "Mod" means. I mean, just think Twiggy.

    I guess the conspiracy theorists are stumped over this elimination - the person with the greatest change (12+ hours of extensions) was the one who said goodbye. Hmmmmm...
    there is no energy shortage, there is a shortage of imagination

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    FORT Fanatic SARA_MODEL's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
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    i loved jayla's makeover - she rocks anything!
    The long hair is gorgeous but i'm glad she went back to her short spunkk
    i also agree coryn looks much less bushy and mannish and more like angelina jolie, still not rooting for her but thats an improvement

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    JESSICA: #1 AntmSTarTa's Avatar
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    I voted for Nik, but Cassandra, Coryn, Jayle, and Sarah all had great makeovers!

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    been_supporting_April aprilshouldawin's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
    bay area, California
    I had to vote for Cass. because her old look was so darn boring.

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    FORT Anomaly
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    Oct 2005
    I would've said Coryn, but her make-over made her look far too much like TyTy for me. And TyTy sort of freaks me out in general. So I went with Nik.

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