Poll: Who will Evan eliminate tonight? (Guests can vote)

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Thread: Who will Evan eliminate tonight? (Guests can vote)

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    I would have cut Melissa a long time ago, knowing and seeing what we have seen, but he isn't privy to that, so I don't think he'll cut her.

    I voted Sarah, he's done with her....
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    hahahahaha i was soooooo happy to see Melissa get the axe!!!!
    She was so luvin it when Mojo was let go...but didnt look so pleased when it was her chicken neck on the block!.... luvved watchin her sniffle and pout... BYE MELISSA!!

    He let her go in spite of her flashing her "WHITE COTTON??" underpants... jeeez what a camera angle!! LOL!

    I dont think that Evan realized WHICH moon Sarah wanted a look at later in the evening.. hehehe... what was her hand doing under that blanket?? she is sooooo NASTY!

    GO ZORA GO!!!!!!


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    hehe, I voted Melissa to leave and I AM RIGHT!

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