Poll: What Was Your Favorite Reality TV Moment This Week?

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Thread: What Was Your Favorite Reality TV Moment for the Week of April 18-24?

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    What Was Your Favorite Reality TV Moment for the Week of April 18-24?

    Read this week's article HERE and vote!
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    I voted for Survivor - Quitting is for Misanthropes. Some of the challenges this season have been really interesting, and I enjoyed the added bonus of a penalty for the first one to bail.

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    I voted for Survivor, but Joyce's shaving was just as good.

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    I went with Survivor: Jeff Has Spoken.
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    I had to go with Joyce... :-) Even though she really DOES look great with shaved head, it takes guts to do something like that... (I remember a previous season of TAR where the couple turned around & skipped out on a similar task....)

    I definitely gained some respect for her, not sure if I would've done the same (altho for a million bucks, I probably would shave my head, I mean...it's just hair....it grows back out & there's lots of inventive hats out there )

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