View Poll Results: What Was Your Favorite Reality TV Moment?

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  • The Bachelorette - Gay Guys and Straight Guys and Virgins

    21 12.80%
  • Supernanny - Not In My House

    4 2.44%
  • American Idol - Bo Knows Idol

    31 18.90%
  • The Entertainer - Do You Believe In Second Chances?

    2 1.22%
  • Road To Stardom - There is No Nilyne in Team

    9 5.49%
  • Survivor - From Underdog to Best In Show

    25 15.24%
  • Project Runway - These Boots Were Made For Free

    39 23.78%
  • American Idol - We‘ll Kick You When You‘re Already A Bundle Of Nerves

    14 8.54%
  • Wickedly Perfect - Perfectly Flawed

    7 4.27%
  • The Apprentice - Was That Really Necessary?

    12 7.32%
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Thread: What Was Your Favorite Moment from Feb 21-27?

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    What Was Your Favorite Moment from Feb 21-27?

    What was your favorite reality TV moment from February 21-27? Read the article HERE and vote!
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    I was torn between Angie on Survivor and Trump rollin up on The Apprentice. I went with Angie, though, because I have liked her from the beginning.
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    Reality tv fan
    I went with The Bachelorette the Men tell All episode.......I think this one was one of the most amusing (Tell all) episodes ever.....and yes Fabrice really did clear up the burning question

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    Yes, Fabby offering to french-kiss another man was definitely the high point of my Reality TV week.

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    I had to go with Project Runway. That was just a golden moment that I will never forget.

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    I see what you did there Mah Jongg Solitaire Champion Maveno's Avatar
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    "These boots were made for free"

    Excellent caption!
    I voted for this one, cuz it was an excellent finale..full of everything that reality shows try to have! (suspense, shockers, fight, happiness, etc)
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