View Poll Results: Who will be eliminated on the next episode of the Amazing Race? (Guests may vote!)

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  • Lori and Bolo, who missed the boat. Train. Whatever. It’s got to be them, right?

    48 50.00%
  • Jonathan and Victoria. They slipped to last when Jonathan wasted forty-five minutes berating Victoria for failing to give him a supportive “woot” when he finished a Roadblock.

    16 16.67%
  • Gus and Hera. Too bad there was another beer-related Detour to slow them down while cheering Gus up. Way up, if you catch my drift.

    2 2.08%
  • Freddy and Kendra. Once in the Internet café, Kendra couldn’t resist “researching” for a few hours on I know I would.

    19 19.79%
  • Adam and Rebecca. Adam threatens to jump on the train tracks once again, so he can’t complain when Rebecca helps him achieve his goal. I know I would.

    15 15.63%
  • Hayden and Aaron. Their taxi gets involved in a time-consuming fender bender when the driver can’t take his eyes away from Hayden’s low-cut blouse in his rear-view mirror.

    5 5.21%
  • Kris and John, who gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes and stroll hand-in-hand to the pitstop, while everyone else runs past screaming horrible names at their racing partners.

    7 7.29%
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Thread: Who will be eliminated on the next episode of the Amazing Race? Guests may vote!

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    Who will be eliminated on the next episode of the Amazing Race? Guests may vote!

    Who knows how it will go down? I mean, it could happen like this.
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    Gotta go with Lori and Bolo. Perhaps there are more twists, but they are really hurting right now.

    I wouldn't rule out Kendra "researching" though either
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    I am personally rooting for the Adam and Rebecca scenario. Either shut up or do it already, ya dang whiner.
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    I voted for Jonathan and Victoria ... One can dream a dream! Wishful thinking as I'm sure it will be Lori and Bolo.

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    I went with Freddy & Kendra. Just to be different.
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    Well, since waaaaaaaaay back on 12/17 I picked Adam/Rebecca in the prediction game, I rather like their scenario and voted for them. Somehow I don't think they would have split up the leg over two episodes if Lori/Bolo were eliminated. Too obvious.
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    They're trying too hard to make us all think Lori and Bolo have a chance... so I think they're gone.
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    I chose Victoria and Mr Delusional to tank. I really hate watching them.
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