View Poll Results: Who Wins The Amazing Race?

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  • Chip and Kim

    49 61.25%
  • Linda and Karen

    2 2.50%
  • Brandon and Nicole

    9 11.25%
  • Colin and Christie

    20 25.00%
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Thread: Who Will Win The Amazing Race? (Guests May Vote!)

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    The name of the couple you voted for is in italics. For me, Chip & Kim are in italics.

    The case for Chip & Kim winning:

    a) A nice couple winning the race might offset the past two whiny and/or hyper-competitive couples.
    b) Unfavourable editing to Colin & Christie (though Flo is also an exhibit A against this defence)
    c) Their toughest competition starts in last place with no money

    The case against Chip & Kim winning:

    a) Colin & Christie have raced extremely strongly in the past
    b) Ever since I've started to watch the race (season three) my favourite couple has ALWAYS come in second (Teri & Ian, Jon & Kelly)
    c) God wants Brandon and Nicole to win.

    It's a tough call, but I've been rooting for them since the "you mean there was a route marker before the roulette wheel" days. Ya gotta have faith.

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    I went with Chip and Kim. They are my fave out of the four. If either they or the mom's win I will be happy. Brandon and Nikki would be ok...I will be extremely bummed if C&C win.
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