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  • Fantasia will win, and she should

    245 41.25%
  • Fantasia will win, but Diana should

    93 15.66%
  • Diana will win, and she should

    142 23.91%
  • Diana will win, but Fantasia should

    114 19.19%
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Thread: Who will win AI3?

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    Fantasia all the way!!!

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    I think Fantasia will win and she should win. Diana has made great strides though.
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    I hope this poll is right...Fantasia!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dvm
    Diana, but Fantasia is definitely more talented (well to me she is). I think the teenage motherhood controvery will beat her in the end-- which is a damn shame, if you ask me.

    I am from Australia & love the show although I am dissappointed with the 2 finalists. I am surprised though that a lot of people seem to think that her being a teen mum will affect the outcome. Surely not? I know that Americans are pretty conservative but surely in this day & age we don't still penalise girls (even young ones) who have a child out of wedlock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alessi09
    I know that Americans are pretty conservative but surely in this day & age we don't still penalise girls (even young ones) who have a child out of wedlock.
    Nice people don't, but unfortunately many Americans just aren't all that nice! So as much as I hate to admit this, I think there will be people who think Fantasia doesn't have family values and won't vote for her, as ridiculous as that sounds (and is!). I think she's complex, which is nice. Famous people SHOULD be interesting. Diana is sweet, but bland, and good god that purple eyeshadow ((cringe)). While both girls have great voices, in my book, Fantasia certainly has the edge in personality, style, and song choices. She has much more the bearing of a pop star, while Diana is like the hometown Okra Festival Queen.

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    DeGarmo cannot sing soft/slow...Fanta is better all-around...but her voice can get annoying...
    Great site for results info:

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    Diana will win and she should.

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    I think both girls are talented. Each one has strengths. Although I'm certainly not an expert in music, I find Fantasia's voice to be a bit odd. I also find her "yeah yeah" and "chicken head movements" while dancing, to be equally as strange.
    However, one must not forget this contest is not only about voice talent, it's about the whole package. Does Diana have that complete package? It's difficult to say, but she doesn't appear to be as consistent and have as large of singing range as Fantasia.
    I believe both girls will end up successful regardless of the outcome.

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    Hi and QTpa2T (nice name, BTW). I agree with your post - both girls have their own unique qualities. They'll both do well, regardless of the outcome.

    Don't know where (or if) you've posted on other boards before, but stick around We're a fun bunch, and surprisingly civil (read the board rules and you'll see why)
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