View Poll Results: Who will win Survivor: All Stars?

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  • Jenna Lewis

    9 4.84%
  • Rob Mariano

    45 24.19%
  • Amber Brkich

    85 45.70%
  • Rupert Boneham

    44 23.66%
  • Tom Buchanan

    3 1.61%
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Thread: Who will win Survivor: All Stars?

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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    Who will win Survivor: All Stars?

    We're down to the final few days. Who's it going to be? The ultimate Survivor survivor? The greatest player to ever have played the game twice?

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    Don't forget your towel! Lolls's Avatar
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    Well, I suppose someone has to win, but I don't think any one of the remaining six could be considered the best Survivor ever. I really think Brian holds that title, and he had enough sense not to ruin it by coming back for this dullsville season!
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    F: none of the above

    Amber has a good shot if she gets to the final 2, but they should drop the "All Star" in any case. It was never set up to allow the best to compete, rather to see them lose with a little revenge.
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    I went with Amber because Romber seem to be the only ones playing the game. Rupe, Jenna and Tom have had two chances to split them up and haven't...they are too stupid to win. I hate that I had to say that about Rupert, but I calls em as I sees em.
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    well, first if this is all star play ...and second Rob and Amber haven't actually done anything clever to put themselves in the spots they now hold-it's the stupidity of the other players(except for Shi-Ann) which has kept Rob and Amber in the game. Just incredibly stupid stupid people! Everyone is so "whatever" in their decisons that I honestly have to wonder if they aren't happy to take whatever prize money is given to their respective finishes-how else to explain such ambivelent bone headed play? Truly a ridiculous, dissapointing season-and so herlp me there bettter be some crazy stunning twist at the end-MB better not be stringing me along

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    I've got to agree with everyone else here; why would these people pass up the chance to get rid of Amber. Idiots!

    Rob: I'm gunna go jump off that cliff, right thea...anyone wanna go fust?
    Rupert, Jenna, Tom (all together now) : Me, me, please pick me!
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    I am going to take a complete guess here and go with a gut feeling that it is probably Amber.
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    Well hrm, the members of the jury hate Rob, so if its down to the final two or three, I'd say Amber or Rupert.

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    Rob M will win. Rob and Jenna L will be in the Final 2.

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    I think it's going to be Rob. I think he will take Amber to the F2 and then just explain how he played circles around everyone else. Which was pretty easy because most of them were standing still allowing him to do it.
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