View Poll Results: Who will win Survivor: All Stars?

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  • Jenna Lewis

    9 4.84%
  • Rob Mariano

    45 24.19%
  • Amber Brkich

    85 45.70%
  • Rupert Boneham

    44 23.66%
  • Tom Buchanan

    3 1.61%
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Thread: Who will win Survivor: All Stars?

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    I seriously doubt they will go with their heads in voting since I think the final two will be Amber and Rob in the greatest alliance in Survivor history if they make it to the final 2. Rob will not win because everyone will be crying on the jury and take allll their agression out on him leaving the obvious votes for Amber except two from Rupert and Jenna.

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    I said the Rob father, I really thought he was going to win...

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    Its over anyways...... I alrady know who won.

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    duh - thats why you had to dig for it.

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