View Poll Results: Who is your favorite Reality Host

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  • Jeff Probst - Gotta love how he snuffs a torch

    89 33.33%
  • Joe Rogan - Does he sneak a taste of that stuff?

    19 7.12%
  • Donald Trump - To busy for a haircut but still time for cheesy TV

    18 6.74%
  • Chris Harrison - Well Data did have to find a job somewhere

    19 7.12%
  • Ryan Seacrest - Could he have any more jobs?

    33 12.36%
  • Nancy O'Dell - Yeah I'd do anything to get away from Pat O'Brien too

    5 1.87%
  • Ahmad Rashad - Mole is more real than Real TV, especially when celebs are involved

    4 1.50%
  • Julie Chen - Some folks try and hook up morning show journalism to more legit journalism.Julie's going the other direction

    12 4.49%
  • Phil Keoghan - More miles on him than that Lonely Planet guy , but nicer at the end of the road

    53 19.85%
  • Mark Walberg - Tempting ? Nah but great straightman

    3 1.12%
  • Amanda Byram - From Breakfast TV to the whole Hotel

    8 3.00%
  • Phil Gordon/Kevin Pollack - Can't beat a team . Well you can if the cards are right I guess

    2 0.75%
  • Steve Santagati - Bachelorettes in Alaska will be back someday - right ?

    2 0.75%
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Thread: The Host with The Most

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    I voted for Julie. I think she's under-appreciated. My second favorite is Phil, followed by Joe Rogan.

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    I went with Julie.

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    Im just not that into you AmandaFabulous's Avatar
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    I voted for the Donald, I may be alone but I like him.

    I don't watch survivor regularly, but when I did watch it his love for that Colby guy made me want to puke.

    Chris Harrison? uh no. Saying 'this is the final rose tonight' doesn't qualify one for the title 'host' IMO.

    Ryan? Puh-lease. Enough already.

    Marky Mark almost got my vote for being such a hottie even though I've never seen his show.
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    Phil gets my vote. I miss The Amazing Race!

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    Sticking with former Rock & Roll Jeopardy host Jeff Probst.

    I really liked Anderson Cooper on the non-celeb version of The Mole; even though he was the host there was a lot of "hanging out" between him and the players.
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    Yes, I would have to go with the others and say that Anderson Cooper is my favorite... so where is he on here eny?

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    hellooooooo sher's Avatar
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    no one is better than jiffy!

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    looks like no one voted for ryan hehe! i did!

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    Jeff Probst has the most edge, gets to ask the best questions, and it doesn't hurt that he's pretty freakin' hot.
    I me some Marty Casey. Go Marty!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dfleming2
    Yes, I would have to go with the others and say that Anderson Cooper is my favorite... so where is he on here eny?
    Well Ahmad has hosted the last 2 Moles so he got the nod and Anderson seems to have forgotten his sordid reality TV past.

    I agree though I liked/like Anderson

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