View Poll Results: Who gets their torch snuffed tonight?

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  • Amber

    0 0%
  • Jenna

    6 6.45%
  • Rob

    10 10.75%
  • Rupert

    5 5.38%
  • Shii Ann

    68 73.12%
  • Tom

    4 4.30%
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Thread: Who loses their flame tonight?

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    Im hoping someone will wisen up and kick out Rob ...

    However, its doubtful that'll happen so Shii-Ann is probably gonna go. I hope not would be more exciting if anoter Chapera member got voted out... (as long as it's not Rupert )

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    Shii-devil's time is up.

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    I voted Shii Ann...I really hope its her, can't stand her. But if everyone decides to wake up and play the game it won't be Rupert or jenna they go after. It would be Rob or Amber.

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    I'm going with Shi-Ann tonight as she can't possibly win immunity two weeks in a row but that sure would shake things up. This show is too predictable... does it matter who goes tonight since Rob and Amber will be in the final 2?? Just my opinion, of course!

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    No doubt Shii Ann--just from the predictability aspect. Someone else leaving would certainly make the show more interesting.

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    I've been thinking lately, something I try to avoid, much like the lug nuts populating the island ruled by Price Rawb and his fe-ah lady Amber...So, I'm thinking maybe Burnett wants us to believe Rob and Amber are in the final two-maybe it's edited in such a way to have us assume everyone (other than Shi-Ann) is under some steppord-Zombie trance cast by Rawb. Perhaps this has been a big set up on Burnetts part-let's face it, most of us assume Rob and Amber will win(I view them as one entity thus they both win)but what if Thom and Shi-ann mange some sort of coup de ta? Not that I can spell Coup de ta...but still, I'm going to go out on a limb and say tonight either Ruppert or Amber goes. Although I'd prefer to see Rawb get blindsided byu some unforseen circumstances and back-hut wheeling and dealing. So that he is snuffed out..well his torch is snuffed out...
    We all have dreams...

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    I did vote for Rob in the official poll, though.

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