Poll: Who gets eliminated on The Amazing Race? (GUESTS CAN VOTE)

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Thread: Who's eliminated on The Amazing Race? (GUESTS CAN VOTE)

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    Cali, I like your thoughts!!

    I REALLY hope you are right!
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    I voted Flo & Zach , I couldn't vote for the twins. I would Just like to see the last of that Whiney thing... I hope that it's not wishful thinking. I hope that the twins are not eliminated

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    you know, cali, that they do much less "foreshadowing" type editing on TAR than they do on Survivor. TAR doesn't seem as compelled to make sure each team has a complete story arch like Survivor does, for example, Kathy and Michael were just getting much more likable when they got philiminated. Chris and Alex were not really edited to be great heroes (except in that "we're wicked smaht" segment with them eating meat pies for a fast forward in Australia, funny stuff), but the show did not shy away from the fact that Alex was after Tara right in front of Wil and that they followed others teams to 90% of the locations in the race and then Alex blew past his asmathic girlfriend to take the million dollars from Wilt at the end. The most likeable team in the finale (Blake and Paige) came in last. Go figure. I'm really hoping the producers were able to make a super finale out of what really happened, that Ken and Gerard were super nice funny guys the whole race and ended up winning.
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    Where's the votes for Jenn and Tracey? I really think those two are getting in the way of Derek and Drew winning...

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    I got a feeling that K&G may go, but I voted for F&Z to be gone. I think her whining will be their downfall.
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    Note that nobody has voted for Terri and Ian...

    Is this a good or a bad thing for the FORT system, given our past experiences ;-)

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    I voted for The Wonder Twins but I really want Flo to go next.

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    It's between the twins and Flozach. But I think i'll go with the twins. Don't know why , but i have a strange feeling that they will go next.

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