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Thread: Brian, Franklin, or Wes?

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    Brian, Franklin, or Wes?

    So, we know that one of the last three "mates" on Boy Meets Boy is straight. Who do you think it is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lobeck
    So, we know that one of the last three "mates" on Boy Meets Boy is straight. Who do you think it is?
    It has to be Franklin. Brian and Wes are my favorites on the show, and it's just not possible for them to be straight!
    I never really cared for Frankin. I just didn't see what James saw in him from the start.

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    Mr. Obvious
    Franklin. It has to be him.

    IMO, in order to get a straight guy into the final three, the two straight guys left had to be paired together during episode 4's elimination ceremony. Sean was straight, and Franklin was paired with him. So, Franklin has to be the last straight guy.

    Or, it could surprisingly be Brian H. On Dan's radio tour, in his Las Vegas interview, he said he guessed everyone's sexual orientation right, except one who he thought was gay - this suitor kept 'following him everywhere', IIRC, but he turned out to be straight. Could it Brian?

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    I'm not sure what I'm doing here. This 60-year old grandmother has been reading the threads for several days and one thing that I've noticed is that some people seem to think that if Wes is an actor, he must be the straight one. Can't he be both an actor and gay? After all, look at Rock Hudson and Richard Chamberlain.

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    It's so Franklin. I read in an article that two straight guys were paired in the country dancing date. And the straight couple was obviously Jim and Frank.

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