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Thread: 8/5 Bachelorette 9: FoRT Posters Speak Again (Finale Part 2 and ATFR)

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    8/5 Bachelorette 9: FoRT Posters Speak Again (Finale Part 2 and ATFR)

    (Registered members may comment here.)

    Kudos to the Editors/Writers for pulling together a seamless Finale from one week to the next. Kudos to them for taking Desiree from despair to ecstatic all in the space of one week. But first, they had to show her decline into that despair with a shockingly premature declaration of love for one man to the audience setting us up for a yawn of an ending; then they manipulated the footage to tell the story of Brooks’ indecision to his resolution that he was not in love to his bringing of heartbreak to Desiree. Good job, guys.

    But, how did FoRT posters take to this manipulation after viewing Desiree snuffle her way through the ending to the beginning of the last days of filming?

    This season is sponsored by Kleenex...

    Great. Chris is going to make her re-hash it all to start her crying. again. (he says he's sorry--no he's not)

    Fanny Mare
    Cripes 5 minutes in and we have waterfall crying. Chris how do you think she's doing Mr sensitive guy ? heh Des , two guys left who you don't love- go for it!

    Solemn, caring CH can make her smile with his words of wisdom and hug. As soon as he exits stage left, he rubs his hands gleefully with a wicked smile on his face.

    I'm going to regret watching this crap, I know it.


    If it'd been me, I'd've pulled the plug on the whole shootin' match.

    (But, OTOH, I'd've kept my damned mouth SHUT about loving Brooks, in the FIRST place!)

    JMHO, I KNOW she's contracted (and I STRONGLY suspect that might play JUST a wee tad bit into her continuing to roll with this farce!), but to keep on going at this point does NOT seem fair to either of those guys OR to HER!

    It appears the opening sit down with Chris Harrison has brought out the resident cynics.

    BOY does Des look like a lamb going to slaughter, standing there in front of Chris and Drew!

    is she really going to give out roses to guys she's not in love with?

    The answer is yes. Besides the show must go on stuff, she does have some emotional feelings for both men.

    She is being ridiculous now to these two men. Why doesn't Des just come right out and say, "Hello, Also-rans!"

    Oh she can't talk about Brooks without tears as she talks to Chris and Drew.

    What a lot of bull. She said she loved Brooks and now she wants to continue with them. How can they not tell that she is devistated. And then she asks them if they don't want the rose ... let her know. Like they would after seeing how upset she is that Brooks left. They are nice guys and don't want to hurt her but this is just such a farce and wrong on so many levels.

    Des says she's not going to let Brooks' leave-taking affect her relationship with either Chris or Drew????

    WAIT a minute . . .

    If she WAS in love with Brooks, how in the HELL could she POSSIBLY have any "relationship" --- other than strictly platonic --- with Chris or Drew?!?!?

    And of COURSE, both of them accept her roses.

    And they toast.


    Why are we bothering with these two roses if she's not into the two guys left? Pff.

    If she takes Brooks back after giving both of them a rose - she is not going to be well liked by the "Bachelor Nation" (whatever the hell that is) and not by me either!

    We are ALL Bachelor Nation. Stand Proud.

    (regarding the possible return of Brooks – an audience popular notion)
    I thought that after last week's show. makes sense to me.

    Fanny Mare
    Yes many of us did, we wont be shocked at all

    Miss Scarlet
    Not me. That's exactly what this is leading up to. As Mom used to say: "Mark my words!" he will be back.

    There is no way Brooks was confused - he said in many different ways he didn't love her. If he comes back at all I think this whole thing is just another MF production. She should have just sent those 2 poor guys home - I feel so sorry for them

    Because she still feels off center, Desiree decides to put the last chance dates ahead of meeting her family. She has feelings of sorts for both Drew and Chris, but is not confident enough in them to present the two men to her brother. These dates will be a test run for whether she can see a future with either of them. Drew is up first.

    Ok I think she's giving Drew the heave ho

    Here comes Drew and she doesn't know how to feel. She is not feeling how she should feel...the excitement. Well, that would be because you don't love him Des. Oh, oh. I think she will send him home! And here come the tears.

    angelic_one 2002
    Aww....poor Drew.

    Lucy Van Pelt
    Drew is delusional.

    Oh great, he's going to tell Des he's madly in love with her, and so she gets to break his heart as Brooks broke hers? If that's not all BS, that's just that much worse. Arrgh.

    Oh, now she's explaining to us that she's not in love or feeling the sparks with Drew? This is not a surprise! This is a train wreck followed by another train wreck. And we're the horrified by-standers

    Here we GO!!

    Des got HER heart broken, so now, she's stepping up to the plate to do some heart-breaking of her OWN!

    COMPLETE with the requisite WATERWORKS.

    Lucy Van Pelt
    This is the best Drew has been, he's being pretty noble and brave. Or maybe he's just positioning himself to be the next Bach. Ugh, how cynical I've become

    These "dramatic dates" are going to be pretty short, huh? How long does it take to dump two guys?

    Well, one down, one to go or choose.


    This is just so stupid and he just looks like he got run over by a Mac truck. I feel bad for him but it's not like there were no signs that this would happen even though he says he didn't see. Bull. Sounds like he is auditioning for the Bachelor...the sincerity, the heartbreak, the tears, the over acting!!!

    5 minutes to dump them, an hour to cry about it.

    Here comes Chris. She looks perkier with him and she is hopeful. Me too Des. Me too

    Fanny Mare
    Nobody is perfect Des, please don't hurt Chris. I liked him( well kind of) ah sucking face. That will solve it all

    angelic_one 2002
    I almost pity Chris more than Drew now, because if Brooks comes back..that's worse to send Chris away if indeed it's just because of Brooks return

    She knows what the future would be like with Chris. She is still hopeful and things will eventually work out whether she ends up with Chris or not. That sounds like NOT!

    I bet it IS a good feeling, Des, for Chris to have stuck around even after you cried your eyes out over some goof who left.

    And NOW she's all wrapped around Chris like a ten-cent suit and chewing on him like a wad of tobacco.


    I hope Drew will be the next Bach

    She's happy she didn't give up on love??? And Chris is about to spill his guts and profess his love while I want to puke!

    Does Chris know he's the only one left? That would be a lot of pressure.

    She went from falling apart because she was in love with Brooks to being in love with Chris. If I was Chris I'd be p-o'd.

    angelic_one 2002
    I don't get the feeling that she is head over heels with Chris. He's a really sweet guy. I think if Brooks comes back, the show's over.

    Chris gave her a journal - didn't Zak give her one also? Girl has a lot of writing to do.

    After bittersweet last chance dates with Drew and Chris, Desiree decides that she has developed her relationship with Chris to the point where he should meet her family.

    Oh good, meet the family. Please let us be entertained by brother Nate.

    Are they really going to try to convince us that she is in love with Chris now? See, he is the greatest man she has ever known. Quick recovery there, Des. Brooks? Brooks who?

    Fanny Mare
    I knew the poems would show up!!!

    She has never met anyone like Chris, hmm BROOKS! sheesh

    How can she cry and not have mascara run down her face, I look like a panda

    now Chris is the "greatest man she's ever known"???
    maybe Brooks was right to high-tail it outta there...

    Baby’s Breath
    Des bounces back better than Tigger.

    Nate (Des’ brother) looks like a prisoner.

    Why should Des choose you Chris? Because I'm the only one left!

    Des's brother looks to me like a Russian thug.

    Chris is such a nice guy. I hope he is not too hurt/embarrassed after watching all this play out.




    Chris doesn't even KNOW it at this point, but he's the pig that's turning on Des' Bachette spit, with this visit with her family.


    Oh, boy.

    If I were Chris, I think someone'd have to stop me from committing hara kiri (or murder!) after seeing this!

    AND THEY'RE SHAKING ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OH this is AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!

    "In this moment" , Des could see herself spending the rest of her life with Chris. That still leaves a little room in her heart for Brooks.

    Chris Harrison takes time to talk to the audience and members of Sean’s Bachelor cast, including Sean and Catherine.

    ok. Chris just said, "will Brooks come back?" This is such a lame-duck set up...the 'dramatic' finish...oy

    Fanny Mare
    I love how they get one to say, Brooks will come back, and the other says Chris all the way -in other words no clue

    I'm willing to BET Brooks shows up, seeing as how Chris H keeps dangling him in front of God and everybody like a carrot in front of a starving donkey.

    It’s the day of the Final Rose Ceremony and the usual reflections take place as Desiree and Chris get dressed. Neil Lane makes the trip to the Caribbean bearing his diamond arrangement all sized to fit Desiree. Chris chooses a flat top cut that coincidentally matches the earrings Des is slipping into her ear lobes.

    Des (talking about Brooks):
    "Yes, I was hurt. Because I put a lot into him. It took me a long time to get over that."

    A long time. A LONG TIME?!?
    C'mon, what's it been in real time? A week? Two tops?

    Rings, really? I guess we are going there. Poor clueless Chris.

    Fanny Mare
    Oh stop this!! She loves Brooks madly deeply, blah blah- why are we putting Chris through this??

    The Rose Ceremony Altar is set, Desiree arrives waiting for Chris.

    Wow she's actually going to tell Chris how she felt about Brooks!

    Here come the tears...and she is in the dark...so post proposal?

    She doesn't have a clue? Truer words were never spoken.

    Here comes poor Chris to the slaughter. She will tell him the truth??? And see how he feels after he finds out about how she felt about Brooks. OYE!!!

    Now finally something I can't wait to see - her telling Chris the truth! How will that turn out? Will we have any respect for him at the end of this?

    Gee, I would hope she'd tell you she loves you before you propose.

    Why is she even letting him spill his guts? Tell him the truth first!!!

    She stops him as he's kneeling down to propose? Brutal.

    "Throughout the journey I was torn between the two of you . . ."


    Of all the Bachelorettes, I never ever thought Des would be the one to allow some dude to stand in front of her for that long, spewing his mumbledloveandemotions
    from his mouth before she finally stops him.

    Truly. I'm stunned she let him go on like that.

    And now she is mumbling. Did she just admit that she loved Brooks? But, you stood by me and now I love you...

    What the hell??? Who is she in love with? Anybody? Is she just deperate?

    I didn't see that one coming. I thought she was going to just flat out reject him.

    I do not buy it. Earlier she was moaning and groaning about Brooks, and now she is in love with Chris?

    This is finally getting good!

    Chris proposes with the diamond ring that matches her earrings.

    And she says yes?! Seriously?

    Fanny Mare
    She said yes, a thousand times yes!!

    Yeah I'm an idiot - I'm sitting here teary eyed

    How very clever! She was so blindsided by her love for Brooks, that she didn't realize that what she really wanted was right in front of her. HUH?

    AlwaysVeg has picked up on the theme for the two part finale – we have a winner, winner, chicken dinner!

    Chris is either the most understanding man in the world, or one big sucker.

    Shift back to the live audience who has watched the show and is now salivating for the ATFR when Brooks will make an appearance, as well as the announcement regarding the next Bachelor.

    I am more excited to see her with Brooks than with Chris.

    This is a big pile of hooey~ We're supposed to forget all her proclamations of love for Brooks, both to Chris H and to Brooks himself, and how she could never love Drew or Chris enough, and now buy the explanation that she was falling in love with Chris all along? And Chris is buying it, too?

    Where have all the romantics gone?

    Doesn't anybody believe in magic anymore?
    Doesn't anybody wish them well?

    I hope Brooks being there doesn't mean he's the next Bachelor!

    She's looking at him (Brooks) like he might be a somewhat interesting specimen under a microscope in a lab, somewhere.

    Chris H:

    "I know this wasn't easy for either one of you!"

    Funny, Chris . . .

    Des didn't look to me like she was having ANY problem with it, at ALL.

    Or MUCH of a problem, anyway.

    But then again, I guess a big-ass rock makes a GREAT pacifier!!!!!!!!

    I think Des still likes Brooks, though; she deliberately touched his arm, laughed with him, and leaned towards him as we went to commercial.

    Brooks was there PRIMARILY to shore up the "Des loves Chris" story. "I'm not surprised. I saw the way you looked at him on group dates, Rose ceremonies....

    Fanny Mare
    (on Drew making an appearance next to Des in the chairs)
    OMG there was never any chemistry between Des and Drew- none
    This is boring

    Sounds to me like Drew is STILL hurting.

    He's got class, and is very gracious in defeat, though.

    Des could learn a lesson or two from him, I think.

    Yay. The "happy couple" is next. Can't you feel the excitement? No? Neither can I.

    OK, carve this in stone, because you will probably never see me write this again.

    Kudos to Mike Fleiss.

    What can I say? He did it. He had me completely fooled. The entire 2 hours, even up to Chris' proposal, I kept waiting for Brooks to show up. When Des interrupted Chris, I thought for sure that she was going to tell him, "I'm sorry, but Brooks came back. Have a good life. I'll watch you on the Bachelor next season." I was completely, utterly gobsmacked at the ending. So fair is fair. Fleiss did his job and produced one heck of a show.

    Now, don't waste my goodwill, Fleiss, by making Drew the next Bachelor.

    Cornholio (regarding the reuniting of the happy couple as the sit with Chris in front of the audience and cameras)
    I'm still not buying Des and Chris at all.

    They seem sort of awkward together.

    Well, at least we now know that Brooks wasn't playing when he left Des! He told CH he wasn't in love, and he meant it!

    I wonder if Des isn't mistaking gratitude for Chris' love as love for Chris the man.

    Des gets all teary eyed (per the norm) when Chris presents her with a framed poem he wrote for her. It is bordered in pressed roses from the Final Rose Ceremony and a romantic gesture.

    We’ve all been snarky and cynical this season (hell, any season) but, hey…this couple made it all the way to the interviews on GMA and Kelly and Michael today. I have a feeling they’ll make it. She is moving to Seattle to be with him this week and they are getting a place together to start the whole shebang in the “real world.” Best of luck to them and, once, again, KUDOS to the editors/writers for pulling what seemed to be a dull show peppered with man-drama and a foregone conclusion into the promise of the awww moment.

    Oh, by the way…JUAN PABLO (who is NOT Drew) is named as the next Bachelor.

    Finale Love:
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