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Thread: 7/29 Bachelorette 9: FoRT Posters React to the Finale Part 1

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    7/29 Bachelorette 9: FoRT Posters React to the Finale Part 1

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    He loves me, he loves me not. He loves me, he loves me not. The daisy petals drift down to the blue Caribbean water as tears flow and realizations hit hard.
    ****************************** ***************


    So wait, Brooks gets to go talk to his family again before going to Antigua? Glad to see all the guys get that opportunity. *sarcasm*

    Whenever they say somebody is perfect...usually means they're not. So, sorry Chris or rather...congratulations Chris.

    Drew...took it seriously...means he is too serious. He is hot, getting the sexy edit, so not him either. So, sorry Drew it's not you.

    Right off the bat she says her feelings for him are apart from the others. So, sorry Brooks, you win...the boring prize of Des and her picture of you as her husband. I'm sure that will last since he is having doubts and crying to CH!!!


    She is just obsessed with how Drew looks...I'm sure the others are happy listening to this.

    Maybe that guy should be the next Bachelor...He seems to know that lots of kissing is required.

    Fanny Mare:

    How can she picture herself( her life) with Drew. No she can't. Its shame they have to say these lines - it must be difficult knowing you don't really feel them.

    Its raining, its pouring- kissing Drew is boring ♪♪


    So they skipped the dinner and straight to the fantasy suite. She just looks so bored and not into this....and Drew looks like he is 12...and it's as if I should be calling the police. This fantasy suite also looks so cheap and not the one for the F1.

    Fanny Mare:

    He knew 2 weeks ago he wanted her to marry him. This looks cheap- like a no tell motel.



    So . . .

    Brooks has a bug up his butt about Des, huh?

    NOT good.

    Gotta use Mommy and Sis as sounding boards re Des, huh?


    Why doesn't Buddy just back the hell out of this, then, at this point?


    Fanny Mare:

    His mother looks confused, more so than Brooks. I think he's a mummies boy. Nothing wrong with that, but with this guy, meh



    She is all about the hot. Did she just say she can act with Chris like with her girlfriends? Oh that is so not good. I would be so p*ssed if I was any of these other guys listening to her talk.


    So Des can see that she and Chris have something that's lasting, but she LOVES Brooks.

    Fanny Mare:

    Truly, madly deeply. Chris, come on now. She just wants to hang with a boyfriend buddy.


    I guess I can enjoy the gorgeous island views since the cast is deadly dull.

    These two make that beach totally unsexy.


    And of COURSE, there's the obligatory "From Here to Eternity" swapping spit in a prone position on the beach while the ocean roars in the background and the waves rush ashore.


    She just used the "P" word with Chris which means he doesn't have a chance. You know, the infamous, he's perfect on paper.


    NOOOOOOOO!!! Not another poem. Just shoot me.

    On another note...his fantasy suite has more going for it so I think he is at least F2. Not like boring Drew.


    What an amazing, amazing journey. Oh goodie! A poem!!!

    Seriously, I like poems but I know the rest of you don't.

    Experiences, family, forever, exciting, connection, chemistry, friendship, future.

    BROOKS (First the obligatory counseling session with Chris H.)


    He wants her to be the one but she is not. This is Ali's Frank all over again but, there is no Robertoooooooo waiting.


    Brooks, "I'm not crazy in love with this woman."

    Fanny Mare:

    Chris just gave Brooks the stink-eye


    WOW - he said he won't feel it and Des isn't the love of his life! Yikes!!!


    How many times do you have to ask, Chris? Weenie boy ain't feeling it.

    Go home, Brooks.

    This is almost comical with the sad tinkling piano music.

    So she's left with Drew and Chris. Gawd. Shoot me now.


    We should place bets on who is gonna cry more, Des or Brooks?


    Yes Des, here he is...the one that you think you can communicate with and he can't string a sentence together. She knows. Here come the tears. Lordy!!!


    Here we go.




    Good God, I believe Brooks is about to wet himself!!!


    And he just digs himself in deeper....there are so many things I love about you...I don't feel blah, blah, blah. WTH? I think Brooks reads too many Harlequin romance novels.

    And twit still tells him she loves him and he is the only one she feels that way about. I hate that jogging, running, finish line analogy these two annoying people have. I'm sure that Chris and Drew are thrilled they were dragged along to the end for nothing. She better just send both of them home after this because no matter how this show ends, I won't believe the ending...unless she picks no one.

    Fanny Mare:

    What a wimp! now she is giving Brooks the stink eye


    Just spit it out, Brooks. I AM NOT IN LOVE WITH YOU DES!!! DONE!

    Oy, this is painful. I do feel badly for Desiree.


    I love the irony: She wants a man that can really express his feelings. Brooks tells her, he's not 'feeling' it.


    He's telling her HE DOES NOT MISS HER WHEN SHE'S GONE.

    What more is there to say?


    Crazy ass show
    ****************************** **********************
    That pretty much sums up the whole season. The last petal pulled is He loves me NOT.

    Tune in next Monday for a two hour filmed finale Part 2 and a LIVE ATFR where the whole mess will be rehashed.
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