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Thread: 7/22 Bachelorette 9: Men on Bleachers with a Live Audience

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    7/22 Bachelorette 9: Men on Bleachers with a Live Audience

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    First off, this show was filmed a week earlier than usual. Why? Usually it is filmed after the Fantasy Dates and the F3 joins those sitting on the bleachers. Not this time, though. Why?

    Chris, with his expected build up in a welcome, tells us that despite all that drama, Desiree has found three guys who could be her husband. Really? She has already told us she loves Brooks with a slight opening for Chris. Since we can do the math and figure Drew will not be in the Finale, why isn’t he on the bleachers? Oh, a hint from Chris…”What is the SHOCKING event in the next episode that will change everything?” What, indeed. We are told that the answers will be there on a two-part Finale event which starts next week. Hmm…no Fantasy Dates? What is going on, Chris?


    Before we hear from the broken-hearted suitors, we are treated to filler where past contestants pop up with Chris at viewing parties in the LA area. Des joins Chris for the first freak-out of fans. They crash large parties viewing the Munich episode and Chris tells us that they, the fans, are invested.

    Next it is on to New York City where Ashley and JP take Des to a viewing party. Screams bring the night alive. Ashley and JP said it was fun in that the fans welcomed them with open arms and open bars. Molly and Jason invade the second viewing party in New York – so that makes two Bach couples and Des. I’m surprised a few of the fans didn’t faint. Then Trista arrives…is there any room left for fans?

    Des: It feels good to know these people are rooting for me in the journey in life.

    This is a two hour show, so more filler on the way…Ashley, Emily and Ali talk about bad boys. Wheee. “Here’s to putting guys in their place.” Well, that is what the chatter boiled down to as they reviewed Des’ batch of sleaze balls.

    I’m cranky so I’ll just write that they were there, except Brian with the girlfriend; though creepy Jonathan from first night was there, and all maintained the positions they took on the show. Now, for the good guys who received applause, Juan Pablo and Zak W., I hope we hear more from them. I must say I was surprised to see Bryden.

    Best Apology – Jonathan

    Best Attitude – Juan Pablo (I spy Juan Pablo tee shirts in the audience.)

    Best Sinister Smile accompanied by boos – Ben

    Best misplaced competition and communication skills – Ben

    Side Note – HUGE! Ben’s baby mama tracked Dan down in Vegas and said Ben does not have custody. Of course, that begs the question…where is the child while she is in Vegas whispering in Dan’s ear?

    Best Expression of Defense – James (who feels he was bullied off the show.)

    Best Blatherer – Kasey

    Chris, “No one in the history of this show has made such an impact with so little screen time. It is the fan favorite, Juan Pablo!”

    The cobbled together bits of film from the show (some we didn’t see) showed him on Skype with his daughter. Kasey approves of him because he talks about his daughter all the time. The other guys like him, but Des said goodbye. He hopes a step-mother for his daughter comes along very soon. The fact that he is a very sexy man won’t hurt his quest. I think I heard a couple of volunteers in the audience ready to be that step-mother. He said he doesn’t date much because he has weekend custody. He has no regrets coming on the show, fantastic experience. Chris wishes him the very best.

    The other Fan Favorite, Zak W. is the next to sit with Chris. The film clips take a look at how he fell in love with Des, all the special moments. “This penguin is my boyfriend.” He let himself completely fall, though ended up falling into a dark place when she rejected him. He has trouble dating because he works on an oil rig six months of the year and loses some social continuity he would have if he didn’t work out there. Remember that beautiful old journal he gave Des? Well, he wrote a poem in invisible ink on the last page, but doesn’t know if Des read it. Chris pulls out a pen light and asks permission to read it. It is a lovely piece about love and happiness. Zak admits to still being in love with Des. “It won’t go away.”

    Des faces her rejects. She walks out wearing one of her sparkly dresses.

    Jonathan – she has no words. At first she thought he was a disgrace to all men. Now, she accepts his apology.

    Ben – she couldn’t gauge emotion in his eyes. She didn’t like the way he arrogantly went about the process.

    James – She really liked him after the first date, but you don’t think about your second wife while you’re going after your first. When she watched the episode of them talking on the steps, she tells him she felt manipulated by him. James offers a weak apology and wishes her the best.

    Juan Pablo – She feels she could trust him and that he was there for the right reasons. Ahhhh – BachelorNation endorsement. Is he next?

    Zak – She had to gauge her feelings for him with the other relationships and they were stronger. The positive smile thing got to her. Zak pulls out the guitar and sings the latest he wrote for her. She cries. “It hurts the most to say good-bye.” He gets a hug.


    Jar lights fall from the tree over Bryden’s dinner on his one on one.
    That is followed by a collage of slips, falls and head bumps.
    Mikey gets freaked by a grasshopper.
    Chris and Kasey try out a hot tub model and get splashed with a glass of water.
    Other hijinks lead to a barbeque on fire.
    A sign falls down on the stage at the Mr. Bachelor contest.
    Mispronunciation of German names makes the list.

    The Finale Hype Preview

    The Finale starts next week and is split into two dramatic parts. According to Chris, it is the most emotionally tense Bachelorette finale in the show’s history. He really, really means it this time.

    It shows all three finalists (Brooks, Chris and Drew) in a warm, exotic location for what one would presume is the Fantasy Dates. Then boom…tears. As soon as she said she loved Brooks, the screen went black. Uh, oh, she is heartbroken. Is it Brooks, or someone or something else? Chris is in a final rose suit; Brooks is in a tee shirt pacing around. Oh, my.

    Desiree: (through tears) Honestly, it’s over.

    It’s hard to be chipper and/or blasé to say, tune in for the next two weeks after that downer, but, what the hey! Maybe romance wins after all. Or, her brother lurking around the lobby last week was a harbinger of doom.

    Till then…
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