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Thread: 7/15 Bachelorette 9: Hometowns and All That Jazz

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    7/15 Bachelorette 9: Hometowns and All That Jazz

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    We know that Desiree loves Brooks. We know that he isn’t sure about his feelings for her. Chris has told her he loves her; both Drew and Zak love her, but are holding back. Now that we have the emotional states established, let’s cut to the chase and get on with the dates, true micro-cap style.

    Zak (Dallas, TX)

    In a park he treats her to his crazy side with the recounting of a weird dream about snow falling into cups and hundreds of children running toward them. He introduces her to the family business, a snow cone truck, and makes that dream come true. Oh, and at one point, he puts on a penguin mascot outfit.

    Dreamer Zak introduces Des to his loving family and, under their positive influence, treats Des to the song he wrote for her in Atlantic City, only this time he changed it up to meeting his family. After his brother and sister sing the new words accompanied by Zak on guitar, he takes Des into the backyard where he tells her he loves her and presents her with a ring he purchased in Atlantic City and has carried with him ever since. It looks like Zak was a goner for her in Atlantic City. Dreamer Zak has a warm and fuzzy projection into the future where Des will never take the ring off and they’ll live happily ever after.

    Drew (Scottsdale, AZ)

    Where Zak is a dreamer, Drew is a romantic. When he greets her he can’t stop kissing her, which takes her aback. He had, previously, told her about his family, including his mentally challenged sister, and Des had told him she was fine with going with him to pick her up from her group home; so they did. His sister is over excited to see them and loves Des’ hair. They all drive to his mother’s home where extended family wait to greet Des, including his divorced father, the one Drew outed to the world as having cancer.

    Tears well as love pours from this family for both Drew and Des. Drew is overcome with it, tells Des he loves her, and doesn’t want to let her go. He softly tells us that the next time he sees his family it will be as an engaged man. I’m blotting my own tears.

    Chris (McMinnville, OR)

    Grounded Chris, with whom she shares a crazy chemistry, discovers that his love, Des, can handle herself very well on the baseball field. Happily surprised, he is more than ready for her to meet his family, especially when she whips out her sketchbook and shows him “their” moments on this journey. Had you forgotten that Chris proposed to her (fake with the shoe lace tying) right out of the limo? I had.

    Chris’ Mom, “Good Guy, Good Girl, what more do you want?” Of course there were a few hurdles to get to that point such as his Chiropractic Dad giving Des a spine adjustment, and Chris learning that no one in his family liked his last girlfriend, even though they didn’t tell him. Des feels at home with Chris’ family and doesn’t want to leave. Chris is husband potential.

    Brooks (Salt Lake City, UT)

    Nervous Brooks forgets what it is like when they are together because they are apart so much. He needs more time with her to discover if the relationship can reach the level of the mallard and hen they pass on the lake while canoeing. As with Chris, she reminds him of the special things that happened when they were together and that reassures him to an extent; but, Des meeting his family is crucial.

    Once again, open arms greet her when they enter his parent’s home, including a group hug. If these families don’t greet the Bach/ette with open arms, does the director call for a retake? At least this family wore name tags to help her along, and I thought the men of the family might smother her in a group hug. Anyway, Brooks’ family loves him very much and trusts his judgment on who he will marry. At the end of the questions, Brooks feels like this might be possible, that the compatibility he has with Des just might win out. He doesn’t want her to leave – another good sign.

    A Brother’s Redemption, or Not

    Des meets with her brother once she returns to LA for the Rose Ceremony to see what he might do when it comes to the family meeting. At one point he said she sounded just like Sean in not saying one was better than the rest, but eventually he came around to saying it was her decision. When he leaves, Des is still skeptical about his future actions because he wants to meet all of the final four – get in their heads.

    The Rose Ceremony

    Des tells Chris that Zak and Drew boldly told her they love her. With Chris’ earlier declaration, that makes three. Her love, Brooks, is the lone holdout, but she is hopeful about a proposal at the end. However, if he doesn’t come up to scratch, Chris is close in the running.

    With Des’ brother lurking behind a pillar, Chris H. escorts the final four into the ceremony room which is an outdoor sky terrace.


    A numb Zak, who found out that Des was faking her responses as she would never be in the same love zone as he, is going home to that dark place; a place that has no room for the promise ring that Des returned to him. The limo pulls to the curb and he tosses the ring out the window.

    Next week the Bachelors Tell All; back to the drama.
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