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Thread: 7/8 The Bachelorette Episode 7: “Have Some Madeira, My Dear?”

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    7/8 The Bachelorette Episode 7: “Have Some Madeira, My Dear?”

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    The drinking word for tonight is EXCITED!

    Desiree and five of her suitors (Brooks, Michael, Chris, Zak and Drew) travel to the lush island of Madeira, which is off the north coast of Africa, but holds with Portuguese tradition. The waves crash against rocks as they ride into harbor aboard a schooner.

    With hometowns next week, Des wants to take this week of dates to find out how the guys really feel about her. Well, she has had a couple of shocks in that area, will this episode prove any different?

    Chris has already fallen in love with Desiree and says it would mean the world if she meets his family. Is he the one?

    This is the magical episode where there are no roses to be received or denied until the Rose Ceremony. There will be three 1:1 dates and one 2:1 date.

    Once again, this time from Drew, we learn that if you can’t fall in love here, you can’t fall in love, because this is built for love. Poor Los Angeles…every city since has been THE PLACE to fall in love.

    This an excuse for a vacation on a beautiful island for three girls who went through Sean’s season with Des; including Sean’s F1, Catherine. The other two are Lesley and Jackie. Ostensibly, they are there to help Des try to decide who is real and who is not…but, come on…it’s time to lounge in the sun and admire the scenery – ocean waves and Des’ guys as they play in the pool.

    Desiree does take this time to give a rundown on the guys wondering if Brooks is ready; Zak is reflective; Drew is sweet; Chris is supportive; Michael is smart. She tells them she is falling in love with more than one of them. Ah, Des, you got the scripted line in seamlessly.

    Individual Date

    Brooks is nervous because, except for the very first date, he has only been on group dates. For him, this date is crucial.

    They travel by smart car up the steep hills to an overlook. As they travel downhill through a forest, Brooks tells us he is in a more pensive state than he has been. They laugh that their relationship is between like and love. Consider the first part of their date as a light flirtation. Once again uphill, up through the clouds and she can’t wait to take it all in with him. Des, “I’m on the road to falling in love with him.”

    Cautious Brooks tells us that falling in love with Desiree would be awesome, that it is the entire reason he came here. “Sometimes, you are past like, but definitely not in love and I’m here in the clouds trying to find out how I feel.”

    They picnic in the sun with clouds billowing below them. A romantic setting for setting out the puzzle pieces – where to live, etc. Des loves that. They do decide that one of the pieces that does fit is that they are easy and natural with each other. As the clouds blow around them, Brooks says they are lost in the clouds.

    Des waxes poetic (the girl does love her poetry) in that they didn’t just break through the clouds, they had a breakthrough in their relationship.

    “Picture the best dream you’ve ever had and times that by ten and live in it. That’s where I am.” “This is the Fairytale that I came here for.”

    Quote pulled from the first night preview and revealed at this moment.

    At dinner Des tells us she is falling in love with Brooks and hopes he can tell her the same. However, Brooks is a little bit behind her in his emotional process. The evening ends on a parapet with exploding fireworks.

    Des “I can definitely see Brooks as THE ONE and it is exciting.”

    Uh…once again the cats of Portugal are featured characters. Ref: Ali's season.

    Individual Date

    Chris is going like a mariner to sea, and he is really, really excited. They stand on the bow of a yacht as it head toward open sea. They agree that it is so cool.

    They are actually on their way to a deserted island and Des is excited to be going with Chris because he has all the qualities. Besides qualities, Des says that they really do have the physical attraction down; this while we get the sexy scene of suntan lotion rubbing on lounging pads on a yacht. Sigh.

    They walk up a path on the island through spring flowers and rocky cliffs. They have a picnic on a field of blossoms and a conversation about who they are. This is an exploratory flirtation. Their mutual love of poetry expresses itself through a poem they write together and place in a bottle that will join the fishes of the Atlantic or get smashed on the rocks at the shore.

    Chris “I came into this thing a skeptic, but I think she is the one I could spend my life with.”

    During dinner Chris builds up the courage to say, “I love you.” It’s kind of hard to do when Des tells him she enjoys his boyish charm, however, through his nervous fidgets, he manages, in a poem, of course.

    Des thinks it is beautiful and rewards him with many kisses. BUT, while she could picture a life with him and could be falling for him, is she just because he declared himself?

    Des “It’s exciting.”

    Chris “Being in love is, like, exiting.”

    They walk their excitement through a garden toward the mellow tones of a woman singing “It is just you and I.”

    Individual Date

    Michael finally gets his 1:1 and he is excited.

    He gets the town ramble date. Des tells us he has the qualities of a loyal, trustworthy husband. For Michael it is a dream come true to have a full day of Desiree. Wow…if Michael were on a scavenger hunt for the perfect woman with 47 criteria, Des would have 48. Crushing much, Michael?

    They have a picnic lunch on a triangulated parapet overlooking a lovely pond with swans. He tells her that no matter what happens, he feels he was meant to meet her.

    She adds adventure to their date with a street toboggan run down a steep road, guided by two men in white with boater hats. Des enjoys the freedom of flying down the hill. All the while they are dipping around and through narrow residential streets, Michael bores on and on in a PI about something, something.

    When seated at dinner, Des says she doesn’t see much vulnerability from him and that is important. Michael is scared to be falling in love again, but that is how he feels and he is going to put it out there. I bet he doesn’t say it in a poem.

    Des agrees with him that their date was fun, but…the seeking light is not in her eyes; too sad for Michael, the legal wordsmith.

    However, they do wander down a street to where a woman with guitar back up sings a lovely Portuguese style song. Of course, Michael drones on and on over the song in a PI.

    Two on One Date

    Oh, I’m corrected, there is a rose on the 2:1, but it is not an immediate one goes home. That may happen, or not, at the Rose Ceremony.

    Drew and Zak meet Des at a Go Cart track and “race” for her love. Gag me.

    Zak “I’m 100 percent in love with this woman, I’ve known her for weeks and I need her to meet my family.” Weeks, Zak? Weeks?

    Des just wants to have fun. She just wants to see Drew get in that Go Cart and let loose. After leading her small pack around the track, she sends them off to race each other for time with her. Zak wins. Rather, he blows Drew off the track.

    The three of them picnic on a field in the middle of the track and Drew tells us that this is the day he tells Des how much he loves her. Oh, and getting the rose going into the Ceremony would take off a lot of stress.

    Zak takes her aside and re-lives their journey with drawings (also recreating their art studio date.) He’s happy. Des likes seeing him happy and kisses him.

    She likes holding onto Drew’s muscular arm as they walk quite a ways from Zak. Drew is still blathering to us about the rose and how meaningful it is. Des is still concerned about him being able to let go, but he assures her that she’ll see that with his family. They giggle a lot. Then Drew tugs on her heart by talking about his challenged sister and how happy she would be to meet Des. Drew says his feelings are so much more than ever imagined.

    Drew “I’ve fallen in love with you. I’ve never had those feelings.” His words are interrupted by a kiss from Des.

    Zak foretells his fate by saying he would be in such shock if he didn’t receive the rose. He is in shock. She is confident she wants to meet Drew’s family and gives him the rose.

    The Rose Ceremony

    Des descends stairs in a beautiful long deep aqua dress with a short mermaid tail as the men each express to the camera or in voice over how important this rose is and, Michael states his confidence level as high.

    Des sits with Chris for a review. She tells him that this is one of the best weeks she has had because the relationships have formed.

    She says it isn’t about the qualities anymore, it is about the relationships. With that, she tells Chris that she is in love with Brooks.

    She is scared because Brooks didn’t say he loved her.

    Uh…let me back this up a bit…DES IS IN LOVE WITH BROOKS.

    However, not so fast…the journey is not yet over as she is keeping an open mind, especially with Chris who has said he loves her, and now she thinks about it, she is falling in love with him. Des “Welcome to the Bachelorette.”

    She meets the men at a plaza in front of a church and says that she is falling in love and it has been exciting.

    The Order of the Roses

    Drew (Date Rose)

    Michael leaves by SUV after a sit down with a nervous Des. Michael tells her he is heartbroken. Des tells him they have a great friendship. He wishes her the best. He tells us he is tired of being heartbroken. All he wanted to do was take her home to meet his family. Are we thinking trophy situation, Michael? Oh, dear, he calls his mom from the car with the news who tries to comfort him. Now we are supposed to feel guilty for finding him a bore as the poor guy just can’t get it right with women. Not so much. Good luck, Michael in your quest to be the Bachelor.

    Next week – HOMETOWNS and all the craziness that can mean. Good times ahead.
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