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Thread: 7/1 Bachelorette Episode 6: Don’t Cry for Me Barcelona

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    7/1 Bachelorette Episode 6: Don’t Cry for Me Barcelona

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    Eight hopefuls follow romantic, artistic Desiree to colorful and warm, Barcelona, Spain. On her opening ramble through the streets, she stops in at the recently dedicated Gaudi built cathedral and reflects. Just like Munich, she thinks that Barcelona is the perfect place to fall in love. Oh, Des, have you thought about stopping in at your local coffee house?

    The guys arrive and stop to sit at a café and enjoy a beer while they wait for Chris H to arrive with the date breakdowns. The editors couldn’t wait for Chris before placing Michael front and center with his gripes about James, saying all the remaining guys are furious with him; Michael, redux.

    Individual Date

    Des is hoping to build on her friendship with Drew since he is a guy who loves romance. Perhaps they’ll find it touring the streets of Barcelona. Drew starts off the date with a juicy kiss. That bodes well. That and the fact that he vowed to not let his animosity toward James ruin this date. **sigh**

    They sit in a deli, eating and drinking wine when Drew brings out his sob story. In his defense, she did ask about his family. Oh, dear, he just outed his father, who is a recovering alcoholic active in AA, by telling Des and thus the world that his father has cancer – something very few know. What is it about this show that confessionals become soooo personal? There is something about him she can trust and she wants to see where this can go.

    The camera focuses on some funky street musicians (sounded good) as they walk to the evening meal and the rose. Spare my blush…Drew, overcome with emotions, grabs her hand pulling her up from her chair at their secluded table setting and takes off with her down an alley forcing the camera and sound men to scramble after them. If he was hoping for privacy to indulge in a long, long kiss, he didn’t go far enough because they caught up. But, oh goodness, Des does enjoy this romantic side of Drew.

    Still standing in the alley, Des presents Drew with the rose. Still standing in the alley, Drew finds the words to tell Des what he overheard James say on the ride back down the mountain. Well that is a downer as Des gets bleeped a few times and tells us that she is disappointed in James because she thought he was an honest man. “These guys think they can get to top four to find fame, and it’s ridiculous,” says a girl who made it to top four and is now famous. Umm, whatever happened to that delicious meal left on the table?

    Group Date

    Loooove! followed by a drawing of a soccer ball graces the card with the names: Brooks, Chris, Michael, James, Kasey, Juan Pablo.

    She meets her group at the Barcelona Football Stadium (P.S. for Voice fans – this is the home stadium for Shakira’s boyfriend and father of her baby.) and before they enter there are PIs from Kasey, Michael and Des all addressing the James “situation.” Des doesn’t want to dismiss him out of hand.

    Juan Pablo sighs in ecstasy. The former pro soccer player feels at home. When Des brings in the professional women’s soccer team to give them a match, the only one showing them any respect is Juan Pablo. He knows they will be faster and stronger than this group of men. With “stand in one place” James as goalie for the guys, the women’s team, including Des, score ten goals to the guys’ two.

    Can we just skip the party portion of this date? You know what’s going to happen; and yes, the drama boys are out in full force.

    If I have to, here goes…

    Kasey, “James wants to be the next Bachelor so he can meet more girls and have more popularity. His main goal is not a relationship with Desiree and I’ve been waiting for the correct time to talk with James about the conversation he had with Mikey and tonight we’ll see what happens.”

    Brooks (who really enjoyed his time on the football field) toasts, “Here’s to kicking a soccer ball today and kicking it with Des tonight.”

    Des takes Chris to her room and they lie on the bed where she reads him one of her poems dedicated to him. Ahhh. The sweet part of the party.

    Kasey, Michael and Chris invite James to sit with them, then Kasey lays out what he heard between James and Mikey. Throwing it to commercial was James’ look of puzzlement. Okay – way to ratchet up the drama, editors.

    After two minutes of commercials, they re-enter the party with some more sweet time, this time with Des and Brooks.
    He is becoming emotionally invested and is very pleasantly surprised by their relationship.

    Shift back to serious guys talking serious stuff. James denies the content of the conversation and begins pointing at Michael taking the argument to him.

    James, “Michael, you go on this 2 on 1 date and you become this confrontational person I’ve never seen before.”

    Michael, “I haven’t been confrontational until I heard this, and it disturbed me.”

    Uh, Michael, may I say one word…Ben.

    Anyhoo, this shouting match continues until James stands up and declares, “I didn’t bring that up, Mikey did, so get that through your minds.” He then tells Kasey that Kasey is putting words in his mouth.

    The upshot…Kasey runs off to tattle to Des; Des sends them all back to the hotel without a rose, but keeps James behind to speak with him. Kasey thinks it’s all James’ fault that she didn’t give out the rose. Boo Hoo, Kasey, sounds like it is more your fault.

    Des tells James that she believes Kasey and Drew and brings him to the man-tears we’ve been promised all season. For such a big guy, he sure can cry pretty. He fights for his emotional life and wins another day. Des is overwhelmed and James is emotionally exhausted.

    As the guys chatter about their version of James reaction, James says he doesn’t know how he can live with them. As he enters the hotel room to view crestfallen faces, he says, “Gentlemen, good night.” He walks off to bed.

    Individual Date

    Zak is nervous heading into this date because of the James’ drama, but she greets him sitting on a wall with sketch pad in hand, which is a clue. They hug. She loves that Zak is excited about everything.

    They get set up in an artist studio with pads on easels and a gorgeous man (clothed) posing on a platform. They then played with sketching each other. Des, being an artist, wanted to see if Zak could express himself though art. Actually, he didn’t do all that bad. Well, yes he was; bad enough to have Des rolling on the floor with laughter. He was also laughing hard enough to not be able to talk.

    Well, I was a little premature thinking the previous clothed male model was the only part of the date…uh…the studio owner brings in a nude male and Zak’s eyes pop. When they begin sketching him, Zak has to place him in marble statue land to keep from freaking out. But, then, to keep her on her toes, he leaves and returns wearing a robe. He drops it to reveal in whitey tidies and strikes a pose.

    Desiree, “Zak took something as simple as an art class and made it so much fun.”

    They get all spiffed up to descend into a wine cave for dinner. Des loves that Zak listens and enjoys what one has to say. They discover a commonality in lifestyle, and enjoyment of kisses.

    Zak, “I’m absolutely in love with this woman and I can finally say that.”

    Zak gets the rose.

    We can’t stay with the loving stuff, but must shift to James and Drew having it out. More man-tears.

    James’ spin, “If I made it to the top four and Des doesn’t pick me the worst thing that could happen I would become the next Bachelor. That has nothing to do with my direction or where I want to go with Desiree.”

    Drew doesn’t agree. Actually, Drew is in lalala land as he tells James he shouldn’t even be thinking about any other reality than being with Des. Tight a** much, Drew?

    After that exchange, I’m siding with James. There is nothing he can say.

    Michael calls him evil and sinister…huh? Blown out of proportion, much?

    Des arrives and pulls James out of the room to deliver her feelings after a night and day to think about his situation. She chooses to let him stay after an emotional conversation. She doesn’t want to send him home on others’ words.

    Unfortunately, there are more words. I’m tired.

    No Cocktail Party

    Order of the Roses

    Drew (date rose)
    Zak (date rose)

    No more controversy as James and Kasey leave. I am sorry to see Juan Pablo go, but I understand as she didn’t spend much time with him.

    Oh, did you all enjoy the architecture and decorations in Barcelona? Next week we get to enjoy them in the Island of Madeira (off the coast of Portugal.)
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