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Thread: 6/24 Episode 5: Cobblestones Can Trip You Up

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    6/24 Episode 5: Cobblestones Can Trip You Up

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    This episode is like the spiciest brat paired with the darkest beer. The brat is spicy enough to bring tears to your eyes and the beer dark enough to conceal secrets. Prost!

    Des and the boys travel across the pond to Munich, Germany, where the boys marvel at the old, but clean, buildings around town squares and then marvel at the modern hotel suite where they will be staying; lots of oohs and ahhs.

    Individual Date

    Des invites Chris to take a tour of the city with her. They are enjoying the silliness they find in the brat shop and the costume shop where each try on native wear. Chris sports some mighty fine legs beneath the shorts of the Lederhosen. They find a small brass band playing folk tunes and, to the watching circle of locals, do a marching strut to the music. Uh, Oh…the gargoyles are dripping more than bird poop as they watch the progress of Bryden shuffling his way through the streets. All he needs is a black cape to make this any eerier.

    You see…Bryden decided on that long plane ride that, in fact, he didn’t want to be there. He says ta-ta to the guys in the hotel and tracks down Chris and Des, pulling Des away for a talk. Chris isn’t happy, but he is philosophical as he can guess what Bryden will say and that Des will be upset. Yes, Bryden says good-bye and Des tries to put on a good face about it (she really liked the guy) but she tears up when talking in her PI. Chris lends an understanding shoulder and pulls her out of her funk so they can enjoy an evening meal in a palace and dance to a piano man. Kisses and cuddles and a rose complete their time together. Chris is falling for her. Chris writes poetry for her.

    Chris receives the rose.

    Group Date

    Kasey, James, Mikey, Drew, Brooks, Zak and Juan Pablo (John Paul or JP for reference) meet Des standing in the fog at the base of a gondola. They take the gondola up through the fog and clouds to the bright sunshine of the highest mountain top in Germany. While admiring the view, they hear yodeling and take turns trying to match the yodeler’s tones – unsuccessfully. They leave him to discover bright plastic sleds with raised steering handles lined up at the top of a very steep run. There is a lot of screaming and crashing as they all propel at high speed down the run. The fun continues with snowball fights and snow angels. This tired out group then repairs to an igloo type hotel built into snow mounds on the mountain.

    During their time together, Brooks is waxing on about taking in all the new experiences and she pulls him in for a kiss. Mikey takes her outside to build a miniature snow family and they are interrupted, much to his dismay, by a yodeling Zak. Brooks spies on a nesting James and Des because he says James is two-faced, but he can’t watch for long.

    Brooks (much to James’ dismay) receives the rose.

    Two on One Date

    The federal prosecutor, Michael is pitted against the single Dad (and bar owner) Ben. Michael’s mission is to prosecute Ben fully, the guy everyone hates. As an aside – when and how did Michael break his thumb?

    “Today, Ben will be found guilty of fraud in the impersonation of a Southern Gentleman.” – Michael

    (I’m sorry, I can’t stop laughing; this is just too funny.)

    Des figures that a perfect way to break the tension between the two men is to take a dip in an extremely cold lake. She missed that experience at Lake Louise and thinks this could be a bonding moment.

    (see above)

    When all three are in bathing suits and robes, shivering at lake side, she pulls a freak on them and leads them to a hot tug where they can enjoy being on the lake in comfort, though in swim suits. “Best invention, ever!” – Des.

    In the middle of the lake, Michael begins pushing Ben’s buttons and Des finds the situation awkward and uncomfortable. Ben doesn’t know if he can retain his Christian Man status if he has to defend himself.

    All dried out and spiffed up, they head to dinner. “I’ll have to say, that boat ride was not a lot of fun.” – Ben

    No Ben, it wasn’t and the meal isn’t going to be fun either. Michael continues his lawyerly examination while Des sits back looking bleak. He asks why Ben didn’t go to church on Easter Sunday with all of the rest of the guys. At his reply that it was a Catholic service, Michael goes in for the kill stating that there was a Mormon present, a Jew and other non-Catholics. Ben leaves the table and paces outside. Des tells Michael she doesn’t appreciate his tactics, and tells us she is in a mood to send both of them packing. However…

    Michael receives the rose.

    Ben’s final words in the limo are “Hollywood” and “I can’t wait until I can go public.” (He is now public and probably lining up interviews.)

    No Rose Party spoils Drew’s build up to an act of bravado in throwing James under the same bus that crushed Ben.

    Rose Ceremony

    Chris (Date Rose)
    Brooks (Date Rose)
    Michael (Date Rose)
    Juan Pablo

    Going for a limo ride – Mikey who thinks she made a mistake.

    Tidbits Uncovered:

    Chris is falling in love.

    Juan Pablo is the best yodeler.

    Mikey would move from Chicago for love.

    Zak considered the Priesthood after college, but sitting on a mountain top in the Alps convinced him otherwise. Now he hopes sitting on a mountain top in Germany will lead him to his love.

    Kasey and Drew woke up on the car ride back from the mountain to hear James telling Mikey that he pretty much runs Chicago and that, if he places in the top four, he would be the next Bachelor and be set for life.

    (Let’s review and remember that rap video – “For the Right Reasons,” okay?)
    ****************************** *
    Next Week – Barcelona, Spain! And James, James, James…oh, yes, the drama continues as Drew is like a dog with a bone on James betrayal.
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