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Thread: 6/10 Bachelorette 9: Episode 3 Micro-Cap

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    6/10 Bachelorette 9: Episode 3 Micro-Cap

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    6/10 Episode 3: Cowboy Up for the Phalange Breakdown

    Everyone Plays This Week

    Group Date – Balls Thrown Hard or Love is a Battlefield

    Chris, Brian, Drew, Michael, Brooks, Brad, Mikey, Brandon, Zack K, Ben get the nod for the first of two group dates.

    The battle is dodge ball with two teams of five and the battlefield is a cage set up in a public place with people watching. The last few seasons the producers no longer care to outwit the sleuthers by trying to hide the locations of the planned dates and place them in public venues. However, the planners for this date had to include at least one strong willed sadist as the play is fast and furious. It results in an injury (broken finger) for Brooks and it is such a producer’s dream to see the ambulance arrive and a contestant depart. That along with an upset Bachelorette is such good footage.

    An injured Brooks returns for the mash-up party promised to the winning team; though both teams have been invited (have we seen this before? ). But even with his taped up finger, he doesn’t receive the rose.

    Chris wins alone time to dance with Desiree to singer, Kate Earl. He receives the rose.

    Individual Date Interruptus

    Before Kasey can race off with the powder blue Bentley GT and Desiree, girl drama forces its way into the bachelor abode. Apparently Brian hadn’t completely finished his business with a girlfriend back home and she takes the opportunity to embarrass him on television with a diatribe that goes on and on and on. She wins her point and he is kicked off the show; foregone conclusion without the diatribe.

    All righty, then, Kasey – are you ready to dance and dangle? He is, and with a professional dance couple, he and Desiree dangle by ropes off the side of a building spinning and twisting the rest of the afternoon away.

    Kasey receives the rose.

    Group Date – Hi Ho Silver…AWAY!

    Once Brian is vamoosed and Kasey dispatched, the five remaining bachelors (Dan, James, Juan Pablo, Bryden, Zak W ) ride in a stage coach pulled by a team of six from the mansion in Malibu to a movie ranch. Really? I don’t think so. Once there they learn cowboy stunt tricks from the stunt crew that trained the actors for the film, The Lone Ranger. We are introduced to Silver, the horse (and two of his backups) and Juan Pablo is introduced to a western drawl as taught by Texan, Zak. Juan Pablo also wins the damsel and they head off to a barn to watch the film and eat popcorn.

    James receives the rose.

    Roses in the Pool

    No fancy dress at the rose party, board shorts and speedos are the costume required for the afternoon pool party. The relaxed atmosphere once again gives Ben the perfect opportunity to get a jump on the guys and irritate the heck out of them. He intercepts Des when she arrives, jumps in our favorite Bentley, and they take a private spin around the block. With two guys lurking at the gate, he tells Des to keep their rendezvous a secret and flat-face lies to the guys when questioned.

    After a squish up in the hot tub, everyone jumps out to get ready for the Rose Ceremony.

    Order of the Roses

    Chris (date rose)
    Kasey (date rose)
    James (date rose)
    Juan Pablo
    Zak W
    Zack K

    No More Roses
    Dan (Good-bye young Jeff Probst look alike)
    Brandon (Let go because he felt too much and she felt too little)

    Previews – Travel time…first stop the Jersey Shore and all the kitsch that implies as well as a nod to the recent storm damage tragedy.
    ****************************** ****************************** *

    Tidbits Uncovered:

    Brad has a three year old son and is sole custodian.
    Brian has a yappy girlfriend.
    James has a sick father.
    Brandon shows his intensity throughout this episode finally telling her he loves her. She winces.

    Kiss Meter: (8 – some repeats) Brooks, Chris, Kasey, Juan Pablo, Bryden, James, Ben, Brandon
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