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Thread: Episode Micro-Caps for The Bachelorette 9

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    Episode Micro-Caps for The Bachelorette 9

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    Episode 2: Rappin’ to the Beat

    Nineteen Bachelors inspect the Mansion and hear the date rules from Chris Harrison.

    Individual Date

    Des chooses Brooks to indulge in a wedding dress design fantasy. They picnic on a platform supported by one of the L letters of the Hollywood sign high in the hills. They drive to a closed bridge to dine alfresco under chandeliers then dance on a rug to music by Andy Grammer.

    Brooks receives the Rose.

    Group Date

    Fourteen guys (Dan, Juan Pablo, Kasey, Zack K, Will, Brian, Drew, James, Mikey, Zak W, Nick, Michael G, Brandon, Ben) join Des at the Malibu Oaks Mountain Winery atop a hill in Malibu. There they dress up in costume to perform a Rap Video, “Right Reasons” bachelorette desire rap video w Soulja Boy ??? - YouTube produced by Soulja Boy that parodies various Bachelorette villains over the seasons.

    Ben receives the Rose.

    Three (Robert, Chris and Brad) do not go on a date this week.

    Individual Date

    Des chooses Bryden for a road trip. They hit the road in the powder blue Bentley GT with stops at: El Matador Beach in Malibu where they play in the sand and water; an orange grove where they have a picnic lunch and end their trip at the Ojai Valley Inn Spa in Ojai where they hot tub under the stars.

    Bryden receives the Rose.

    Rose Party Drama

    Ben cuts in on Michael G when MG was in the middle of disclosing information about his life as a Type 1 Diabetic. The others (including MG) don’t like that one with a date rose is stealing time from those who don’t.

    Rose Ceremony

    Brooks (Date Rose)
    Ben (Date Rose)
    Bryden (Date Rose)
    Juan Pablo (Des asks if he will accept the rose in Spanish)
    Zak W
    Zack K
    Michael G

    The Rejected: Will, Robert and Nick

    Next week the drama continues with Ben and another with a girlfriend who comes for a visit.
    ****************************** ******************************
    If the Guys were polled: Most Annoying Bachelor/Does Not Get Along with Others Winner would be Ben.

    Sob Stories – too many to list

    Kiss Meter: 3 (Brooks, Bryden, Ben)
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