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Thread: 1/7 The Bachelor 17 Premiere Episode Recap Reference

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    1/7 The Bachelor 17 Premiere Episode Recap Reference

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    The Lovelorn Videos

    Sean: Well, we didn’t see his own living quarters in Dallas, but once again met his parents, sister, brother-in-law and his niece and nephew. We were reminded how close knit they are and that they live in a lovely home with an over the top playhouse for their granddaughter. For ten minutes he tells us that his broken heart has healed and he wants to be the best darn husband and father. Of course he hopes, sincerely, that the love of his life will be present in the group of 25 he has yet to meet.

    Desiree: “Finding the perfect wedding dress is like finding the perfect man.” She is tired of dressing others in bridal finery and wants to wear her own wedding dress. (No, she is not the one who wore one to the meet and greet.)

    Tierra: She is twice heart broken, yet can’t live without love. She wants that best friend and someone who is family oriented. When told by the interviewer that the Bachelor is Sean, she loses it in a happy scream. She then proceeds to tell her doggie that he is going to have a new daddy.

    Robyn: She lives in Houston and is shown working in her office as a Sales Manager. She wants to meet someone who isn’t boring like the engineer she dated. She is a bit quirky and romantic and is learning Spanish words through post-its stuck to her apartment walls. She performs a perfect back flip on her living room rug, but as we saw, that trick did not go so perfectly on the wet pavers in the Bachelor Mansion drive-up.

    Diana: She owns a Hair Salon in Salt Lake City, UT, and returns home after work to two beautiful little girls. They are shown doing an art project together and playing at the playground. She divorced their father telling us that that mad, deep passionate love wasn’t there. She hopes to find it with Sean.

    : She lives in Los Angeles and works in advertising. She also copes with an in utero injury where the umbilical cord wrapped around the lower portion of her left arm amputating it. She was born with a shortened limb. However, she has never let her “armless” (actually it is more of a lower armless) state keep her down. She says she is just an average girl who is crazy about her career. She just wants love and happiness and thinks she and Sean will be compatible.

    Ashley: She is a hair stylist in Michigan who has no idea why she is still single. She is shown questioning couples in the salon about how they met. She has actively searched for a boyfriend and still not met Mr. Right. She is enamored with Christian Gray from the book Fifty Shades of Gray, and is shown in bed ooing and ahhhing over a passage from the book. As we saw during the show, she takes this obsession just a tad too far. In other words, the girl is all sexed up and ready.

    Lesley: She works for an environmental consulting firm in Washington, D.C., but is a southern girl who can’t find the southern guy to date in that city. She thinks Sean is the perfect beach blond hottie who seems very genuine and is a family guy, and is perfect for her…a match made in heaven.

    Kristie: A Ford model from Wisconsin, she loves being in the spotlight because it brings out the confidence and charisma. She is shown in a work out session and calls herself – the best from the Mid-West.

    AshLee: She is a professional organizer and we are shown her perfectly organized closet space. She wants to be in love more than anything, period. Her background includes multiple foster homes before being adopted by a Pastor and his family at age six where she was loved. In talking about her early childhood, her voice takes on an edge. She says you just have to pick up and keep moving forward and she looks forward to moving forward on the adventure with Sean. She is another one with a small doggie on a leash.

    The Gratuitous Funny Bit

    When Sean opened the door of the Bach/ette pad to Arie, I was taken back to when Ashley opened that same door to JP and series history began to be made. Not so much this time, but we do glimpse two men who became friends during their stint on Emily’s season. Apparently they hadn’t seen each other since Sean was dumped in Curacao, but they are ready to buddy up and bring the jollies.

    Arie gets Sean to practice saying, “Will you accept this rose?” Then he goes for Sean’s break up techniques which brings one of the best lines of the first night from Sean. “I can’t say it’s not you, it’s me, because it is obviously them.”

    Sean tells Arie that Sean was seen as the All American guy, but Arie is known for his kisses. “Apparently you nailed that aspect of it and I need some pointers.” Arie then proceeds to demonstrate his hand to face and hair technique on Sean and tells him that he must kiss with his whole body. Tease with the tongue, but don’t go all out with it. No sloppy wet kisses.

    Sean admits that while it was good to see Arie, and Arie had a lot of good advice for him, he probably won’t be able to use any of it.

    The Early Roses

    Sean tells Chris that he wants to break the Rose rules and hand out more than one impression rose. The first is to a girl with a good vibe and smile as she steps out of the limo – Tierra. The others he hands out during sit-downs at the party, of which I only counted five, but at the end of the night there were twelve early roses including Tierra with the first one.

    The ones I saw were: Desiree, Selma, Robyn, Jackie, Leslie and Sarah. To make up that total I guessed at the rest and added an extra three for good measure…AshLee, Brooke, Catherine, Diana, Katie and Lacey.

    Wanting to be Noticed

    Out of the Limo:

    Jackie – smears her lips with red lipstick and plants an imprint on his left cheek.

    Selma – pulls a Kleenex from her bosom and wipes off the imprint leaving a dash of red on his cheek that stays there for most of the remaining meet and greets.

    Leslie – calls him Mr. McDreamy.

    Daniella – teaches him a complicated elbow/hand shake that they can use.

    Kelly – a cruise ship entertainer sings him a little ditty she made up about them.

    Katie – shows him a Yoga relaxation technique.

    Ashley – brings up Fifty Shades of Gray much to Sean’s consternation and pulls out a man’s tie (long form) from her bosom while sexily flirting with him.

    Robyn – successfully pulls off one back flip on the wet pavers, but falls on the second. Sean was relieved she was all right.

    Lacey – presents him with a lace heart to carry in his pocket.

    Paige – admits to being on Bachelor Pad 3 (one of the fans) and hopes she does better on The Bachelor.

    Tierra – shows him a stenciled (?) tattooed (?) open heart on her left middle finger. That and her smile are enough for Sean to hightail it inside and grab the first impression rose. Sean, “She’s sweet, outgoing and has a great vibe.”

    (Catherine summed up the girls’ reaction to seeing Tierra carry in the rose, “It was literally like an animal attack on the eyeballs.”)

    Amanda – gets that long awkward pause at the beginning of a relationship out of the way, by pausing.

    Kerriann – tells him that she drove 2, 275 miles to the show for a shot with him.

    Desiree – “You can call me Dez” brought some pennies so they could make a wish in the front courtyard fountain. Sean thinks she’s really cute.

    Sarah – tells him that this is always how she pictured falling in love.

    Diana – wants to carry him off and forget the rest.

    Lesley – brings a football to the party and uses it for a chance to view Sean’s butt…and view it once again.

    Ashley H – greets him with, “Hi Ken, I’m Barbie.”

    Lauren – comes from a large Italian family and uses that to tell Sean that if he breaks her heart, her Dad will break his legs. Kidding.

    Lindsay – a substitute teacher thought it would be funny to arrive in a wedding dress and so she did. She surprises him with a kiss on the lips. Sean, with a nervous chuckle, “Whoa…not wasting any time.”

    In a Production Set-Up a limo arrives with only one passenger – Kacie from Ben’s season. She previously met Sean and wants to know if there is something there. He gets a second chance and she wants one, too. She reluctantly leaves a nervously surprised Sean for the Lions’ Den.

    The Rose Ceremony Abbreviated

    After a fairly civilized Rose Party where only two girls – Ashley of Fifty Shades of Gray and Lindsay in her wedding dress – were noticeably drunk, the others showed off signs of stress once Sean started handing out Roses at sit-downs. “Have you had time with him yet?” “No, but I don’t steal men from other women.” “I’m going to take him,” and so forth. Otherwise it was fairly calm. My only complaint was that we didn’t get to see all eleven roses that he handed out at the party.

    At the Rose Ceremony, the remaining girls received their roses:


    Leslie M





    Lindsay (yes, tipsy wedding dress girl made him laugh)

    For absurdity, Production decided to use going home drunken Ashley’s sexual innuendos as their credit roll. Thank goodness my DVR cut off before she finished whatever it was that she started.
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