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Thread: The Amazing Race 21 RECAPS: Episode 1

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    The Amazing Race 21 RECAPS: Episode 1

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    9/30 TAR 21 Recap: Double the Money; Double the Stress

    Congratulations to The Amazing Race for theirwin!

    The Eleven NEW Teams:

    Trey and Lexi: I’m hoping we win this race so I can finally get a ring on my finger.

    Natalie and Nadiya: She stole my boyfriend from me and he didn’t even know.

    James and Abba (Mark): We’ve traveled around the world extensively. We’re comfortable being uncomfortable.

    Josh and Brent: We made farming fabulous. And now we’re going to make racing fabulous.

    Amy and Daniel: She’s such a beautiful person and inspires me every day.

    Caitlin and Brittany: We’re pretty mean when it comes to being on the course.

    Rob and Sheila: Rob is definitely the boss of this relationship. He has taken over the planning of our wedding. I just hope he picks me out a really cute dress.

    Gary and Will: Super fans who have applied for the race seven times. If we don’t win the race, I’m going to get a divorce from him.

    Abbie and Ryan: I want world domination. I want to be bowed down to.

    Jaymes and James: If need be to win a challenge in the race, we’ll slap on the old cuffs and collar to draw attention.

    Rob and Kelly: Not only are we going to be a tough team, we’re going to win this race.

    A flower power painted school bus carries the teams from the ocean through the “Crown of the Valley”, Pasadena, CA, and past Pasadena City Hall, one of many iconic structures in the city. From there they roll out onto the Colorado Street Bridge off the Ventura freeway.

    Phil’s Greeting: Welcome to the Amazing Race! There are twelve legs on this race that will take you to nine countries, traveling more than 25,000 miles; and, if there is one thing I can promise you there are lots of surprises along the way. If you cross the Finish Line first, for the first time in Amazing Race history, you have the chance to double your money. If your team wins the first and the last leg of the race, you will win two million dollars!

    Standing between you and your first clue is a 10 story rappel off this bridge. Once you’ve received your clue you can get behind the wheel of the (product placement vehicle) and be on your way.

    All right…the world is waiting for you. Good luck… travel safe…GO!

    The Clue: Make your way to Shanghai, China.

    The clue continues in the car with a voice message from Phil.

    They can take China Airlines, flight 7 scheduled to land at 10:50 A.M. and Eva Air, flight 15 scheduled to land at 12:05 P.M. The first seven teams to check into the China Airlines counter will get the fastest flight.

    Jaymes and James are the first to throw their packs in a car and take off for the airport.

    Gary, with a fear of heights, places his team toward the back.

    Those on the first flight are Jaymes/James, Caitlin/Brittany, James/Abba, Amy/Daniel, Abbie/Ryan, Natalie/Nadiya and Rob/Kelly.

    Those on the second flight are Josh/Brent, Trey/Lexi, Rob/Sheila and Gary/Will.


    Proceed by taxi to Yuanshen Sports Centre Stadium to find the next clue.

    Road Block: Who’s Ready to Get Paddled

    One team member must play table tennis against a Chinese Junior Champion, who simply hates losing. They must successfully score one point against this opponent or wait for their next turn as she goes from table to table, using household items in place of her paddle. Once they hit their winning point, they’ll be rewarded with their next clue.

    While six of the first seven teams run into the ping pong room, Rob and Kelly search for the clue box all over the stadium, both inside and outside.

    Natalie is first to take the challenge, but with Nadiya screaming at her to slam it, she has difficulty getting into it. All the others could not win the point when the champion used her paddle, so she switched to a clip board using the paper clipped side to hit the ball.

    Abbie (with advice from Ryan to just let it hit her paddle) was the first to score a point. They politely accept their clue envelope and tear it open.

    Clue: Make your way to Cui Ping Jiu Jia Restaurant.

    Road Block: Who Wants to Go Tubing

    The team member to not compete in the first Road Block must compete in this one. They must eat a traditional Chinese dessert called Hasma (made from frog fallopian tubes) and served in a scooped out papaya fruit. Once they’ve devoured this delicious delicacy, the restaurant manager will hand them their next clue.

    Instructions for the Road Block: They must not pick up the plate or the papaya from the table. (Chopsticks are provided.)

    James/Abba who left the stadium second to Abbie/Ryan arrive at the restaurant first. Abba pokes the top slice of papaya off and exclaims, “Oh, God, it looks like overcooked macaroni.” Because the consistency doesn’t lend it to be eaten with chop sticks, he sticks his face into it and sucks it up. Others use a combination of chop sticks and slurping technique.

    When Ryan starts to eat, he teases Abbie, “Have you not eaten fallopian tubes?” Abbie retorts, “I have two, please don’t eat mine.”

    The loud twins (Natalie/Nadiya) take on the second Road Block in cheer leader rather than yelling mode and get the restaurant patrons involved. Rob and Kelly misread the clue and since Rob picked up the papaya with his hands, he must re-do the challenge.

    The second flight lands as the first flight is beginning the second Road Block. Gary/Will are the first of that flight to finish the first Road Block. Josh is proud of himself for winning his first athletic event against a champion…well, a junior champion.

    Abba finishes the Hasma and receives the envelope as the others begin to show up for their yummy treat and the two read…

    Clue: Make your way to the Bund and search for the woman with an abacus.

    James/Abba arrive first and begin a long trek up and down the plaza, after walking within a short distance of the target, but not seeing her. Abbie/Ryan arrive next and Ryan wonders why she is using an abacus and not a calculator. Amy/Daniel find the woman with the abacus first and read…

    Clue: Make your way on foot to the next pit stop, the Bund Observatory (signal tower). The last team to check in may be eliminated.

    Amy/Daniel point Abbie/Ryan to the lady with the abacus while they try to find out from locals where the Bund Observatory is located. Caitlin/Brittany are third to rip open the envelope and start yelling for information from those on the plaza. It is a foot race between Amy/Daniel and Abbie/Ryan to the Observatory. Ryan apologizes as they pass them panting that it is for two million.

    James/Jaymes lose time chasing after Caitlin/Brittany, who are on their way to the Pit Stop.

    Natalie/Nadiya lie to Rob/Kelly about finding the lady. Rob/Sheila think it has to do with counting and banking and take off for the Bank of China to look for the clue. After making their way back down the plaza James/Abba finally find the lady with the abacus. Josh/Brent are pointed to the lady by a local.

    Is the lady for real? Is she literal? Is she in the water?

    Rob/Sheila finally get pointed in the right direction by another local who is aware that crazy Americans are running around looking for a lady with an abacus. However, like James/Abba, they walk right past her. Gary/Will lie to Jaymes/James about finding the lady and justify it as super fans knowing that you have to do what you have to do to stay in the race. While Rob/Sheila find the clue first, Jaymes/James out run them to the mat.

    The Pit Stop Standings:

    1. Abbie/Ryan (with a chance at $2,000,000.00)
    2. Amy/Daniel
    3. Caitlin/Brittany
    4. Natalie/Nadiya
    5. Rob/Kelley
    6. James/Abba
    7. Josh/Brent
    8. Gary/Will
    9. Trey/Lexi
    10. Jaymes/James
    11. Rob/Sheila ELIMINATED

    Season previews in quick flashes end the episode.
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